Hey folks,
Here comes a warm welcome to all the CRASH lovers out there. I have decided to build this site up to share the coolness of available collectibles and personal experiences about being a serious CRASHDIET fan and collector. I have had a long life in the love for rock n roll with a sleaze and glam and glitter kind of twist. In the earlier days of my life I was as so many others totally into Motley Crue. It became too much financially a life threatening burdon for me, so I stopped collecting on a serious level. I actually stopped collecting anything for quite a long time.

Until I for some reason got totally hooked again on a bunch of Swedish fucks after seeing them live in 2005. I was amazed. It was everything I remembered from being excited to the max about something in the rock n roll universe. The bunch of fucks called themselves CRASHDIET. I slowly started collecting all that had their name on it. And here now, in 2013 as a 43 year old, I have gathered a nice little collection that I feel very passionate about.

Anyone out there - if you are a serious CRASH head feel free to email me and we can trade or I can do a buy for cash. All I do not have - should you wanna sell. There is nowadays a serious movement about this band in my life. And everything is slowly but surely growing in all perspectives. Feel free to ask me anything, I can always chose not to answer. In short, welcome to my life. Welcome to an exciting side of my life.

For your information, EVERYTHING that is on this site is my personal collection and are NOT items for sale. If I should have doublets of some of these items then YES, I am willing to trade or sell with you. A special thanks goes out to all members of CRASHDIET, my webmaster and my brother. Now.....crank the sleaze up!!!! Enjoy

You're a sex bomb love machine
69 shots o' gasoline
You're a piece of good ol' fashion
Second to none, you're the main attraction