Let me tell you 'bout a story
Guess you've heard it all before
Set in every beating heart and
In a twisted minds' decor

Oslo , Norway Feb. 23rd 2013 ...... Feb. 25th 2013

Yet another week has past for me at my ordenary work after the Malmoe gig on the 16th so im off again and as said it is off to Oslo Norway and this time im gonna meet up with my new good freind Mr Lasse that i met last time back in 2011 when i saw Crashdiet for the first time in Norway. Lasse and i did talk online with eachother before. Time to travel up there about how we did gonna tackle this event and he offered me to pick me up at the Oslo airport and drive me back again i was set to fly home next morning and when i was there we dicided to to go by and visit the cousin Cecilie and we did and got dinner there it was so nice to to see em again....Well im set  to go to work on the Friday the day before the trip to Oslo again....so when i finally came home i had to take a couple of hours of sleep - woke up round 08.30 and was set to once again hit the road for another Crashdiet gig but is tired as hell but still sicked to see em live as much as i can and this time was a small place not a cool one but i was going.

Well my buddy and his girls was kind enough to come pick me up when i was landing up there well off to the airport here in DK is set to fly @ 12.05 from Terminal 3 and was there an hour before so had the change to sit down and relax even more....Its only 75 min flight to Oslo so had to sleep there on the plain im so tired but hey its been so much traveling this February 2013 but happy that i had been doing this all this traveling have so many memories that ive can sit back a read here in my diaries. l woke up bout 10 min before landing in Oslo and then 10 min after landing Lasse and his girl stood there picked me up we drove to town and drove by to say hallo to my dear cousin at her work nice to be back in Oslo again ....

We decided to go eat at my coiusins place for dinner before we was going to see Crashdiet playing the Betong  so stayed at my cousin´s place for a few hours and then off to the gig when we arrived and was aloud in.  They fuckin took our tickets hole and we got a stamp instead  DAMN ....! Had to talk to the crew after to get my ticket afterwoards had to get it to my collection ....it has happened to me once before when we attended the Hardcore Superstar Afterparty in gothenburg on the Generation Tour 2010.  Well down to see if there was any merch missing that i needed to clear out and there was. A couple of small things but take it after the gig must say that the Norwegian band that is also on the gig bill didint catch me that much sorry boys but i havent heard em at all and didnt know of em but the boys from the band was so kind to send me posters and flyers for me to pass out here in there and did get to save myself 2 and did get one of em signed by Crash at the Releaseparty for T.S.P.  in Stockhlm.

Lasse and his girl were nice enough to let me see their house for bout 30 min or so nice place up there in Norway. Must say that when we were off to the venue i fell asleep for bout 5 -15  i was dead beat but felt like i slept for 5 hours in those few minutes ...and strangely enough the band did NOT throw out picks or stixx to the crowd at all but what the hell at least i got my hands on the setlist from the Oslo gig and we were NOT alowed to film or take pictures under this show so strange but could have been cool to have that on dvd rather than just pictures do to that they all look alike when ya have lots of em from live shows ....

Time flew by fast on this one i think. Lasse and i had a few beers but HOLY FUCK its to expensive in Norway so damn high. After the gig we stood and waited for the band to come out as i had  to get a cd signed for a good friend in the USA as promised to him. Did get that but fuck it took some damn time to get em all but finally and then i covered the two missing items as well so......and ripped down the Febuary monthly event poster from the bathroom and did get the two members from SISTER to sign a briefly note out to SKV Clothing Mr Rikki Riot and Cary Crow...So thx alot boys for ya support of SKV man means alot to SKV to have so much support ....And then Simon whom was the band member i was waiting for to complete the fully signed cd cover for T.S.P. and then off to get hold of the Crew to get hold of the missing ticket that they stole or took hole when we arrived.... to enter the concert but did get to get back my ticket thank god...!

Not the best gig ive been to this Oslo one but ya can not have all gigs to be THE ONE ...but it is absolutely always great to see Crash boys play live man now im hoping it wont be months before i will see em live after this February tour is over for this round...but yet again after this Oslo one i have the Stockholm gig and the Uppsala one and then done. Well hope to get to meet some older friends at Klubben Stockholm gig on the 27th and hope to find the event poster has been tuff here in Scandinavia  to get hands on em but hey ill be back here in the diary corner to write yet another piece of memory for me and all of ya that is in on and reading these as they get posted... Thx for ya support all of you!!!!!?

Till next time take Care and stay safe ....

The Tour From Hell Kicks Off. Feb 15TH 2013....... Feb. 17th 2013

The time that ive been waiting on has finally found its place for me and that is the Crashdiet - Scandinavium Hell Tour and the first stop is Gothenburg where it all kicks of at the infamous Sticky Fingers. Well it was a Thursday night and l had to work the day before the first gig on the new Crashdiet tour and i couldnt waite till this work nite was over and done for me and well it was and became a ok nite easy doings for us. Now just time to go home and get a few hours of sleep before i had to go back to Copenhagen to take the bus for Gothenburg that will bring me there at 10.10 am so after a two hour sleep at home it was time for me to take the train from Roskilde at 09.18 am to Cph central station and arrived there round 09.55 am and had to walk for 5 min to the bus and got on it fast and found my place and sat down and went to sleep right away and woke up half a hour before l should arrive at the Gothenburg Niels E Terminal at 15.25 where i should meet up with a great friend of mine Annika and her girlfriend Ulrika which i have never met until now and she was sweet.

After we met up we went out to a place so that i could get some food man. We did and it felt good and somewhere close to sticky fingers too. We came back after a good hour l think and we stood in line there was a good 20 people that were there already when we came. And i had brought myself a tour poster and the promo poster for the new Crashdiet cd to get it signed. I had brought some brand new markers to get them signed with and in time will get them frame for good. And there it was yet another gig poster for me to get added here - just hanging there. I just hoped that i would get it after the show ....And i did get it.

Well there was yet another tour tee an album cover tshirt for me to get hold on and a set of Crashdiet tour edition printed drumsticks as merch and i did get that covered in Gothenburg but my biggest win would be as it has for some time now the setlist do to that could be cool to get an huge collection in that alone and think im well on my way there. This Gothenburg gig will be the no 49 for me with Crashdiet...man never throught i would ever reach that no. So fast. Thats most likely one concert a month for the last 4 years ...man woaw....Well was kind surprised to see what was new to this gig since i got told by Eric at the release party back in January 30th that there would be some bigger merch line and some new stuff. I did get the new patch at the instore signing sessition and at this gig in Gbg there was a new album tshirt and as set of drumsticks w. Crashdiet logo on thats it 280 sek for both.

Couldnt waite to be back to see the Crashdiet guitar picks that ive got done for the band did arrive at my doorstep today Friday the 15th so had to check em out when ill get back home one for each member in each coulor pick n print. And i could see that the print self tickets that my friend Annika had was a diffrent one than mine but she is a doll to let me have hers to my collection so many many thx for that. So there will be more stuff to be added here as the gigs move ahead for me posters, tour merch, flyers, picks, personal stuff. Here are the new picks that i did and i know that there will be more new diffrent once done as well for the us tour and for the world tour as well saying " The Savage PlayGround Tour ´13 " there will be 6 diffrent coulors of picks with this Savage Tour´13 print so there are some out there to get hold on and im happy that the first 2013 tour picks was the once i did for em duo to the picks they did use were the 2011-12 once they used at Sticky Fingers gig sad but hey hope they enjoy the new Savage once they will get them tomorrow for the Malmo gig ....


Must say that im curious about what kind of merch that will come from their ideas for merch this tour will it be only as usual lots of shirts or new stuff like the backpatch, tour poster, a tour jacket could be cool well just have to waite and see what will come There has been now release as what ive got told a japanese pressing with an even new and other bomus track besides the one that is on youtube now " Liquied Jesus ". But cant wait to get his month over it has been so cool I feel so rich on new memories to add to these diaries and more but at the same time so hectic do to that every day off from my ordinary work ive been on the move to go back and forth to Sweden and one trip to Norway but ill bet that ill be missing this when its over and ive meet new people and friends so far and im happy to see good friends ..... But exited to see how the tour exspand when it goes forward and hope to see what the gang will bring to the crowed as times goes by .....and most of the tunes on this tour is from The Savage PlayGround they only play one track from GW cd and 3-4 from the RIS album and non from the Unatracktive one sadly would have loved to see em play Fallin Rain and I Dont Care but ill bet that album will be likely the 94 Crue album never to be played from live again.

At these trips that are just getting in for the gig and then home right after i sadly do not have the time to get round and check out areas foe sightseeing at all but then again non xtra cash to spend but this time i was arriving at 15.25 so we had some time to spend so when we did get to find a rock -pop store that sold t-shirts and more and did find a Tommy Lee shirt for my bro and a Crue phone cover with the Dr alister item on so and after we was done there we went to grab a beer at a bar to kill some time before the gig so but having a great time to in Gothenburg and seeing my friend Annika and her girl haveing a blast here and hope to be back here soon man....

And after it all was done we stood and talked for a few minutes outside and then they left but damn was good to see u again Annika. Me i went to grab some cold drinks soda and water for my trip home and some food at a local 7/11 and then 40 minutes before the bus was going i was at the station ...so sat down to eat a little ...Mmmmm was good so good. So Gothenburg ill see ya soon i hope ....who knows what will bring me back here .....ya never know.!*? Well tomorrow its Malmoe thats calling out for me and will meet up with my friend Mats the Crue fan....


New Shit Reveiled  December 1st 2012 *

The boyshas said on their facebook profile that the first and new cd single is gonna be " Cocaine Cowboys" witch sounds like a real rocker of a track and it will see the light of day on the 14th Dec on spotify and itunes the new cd has 13 tracks on it and these are the tunes that will be crankin up my sterio when the cd will be in my mailbox....

"The Savage Playground" track listing: 
01. Change The World 
02. Cocaine Cowboys 
03. Anarchy 
04. California 
05. Lickin' Dog 
06. Circus 
07. Sin City 
08. Got A Reason 
09. Drinkin' Without You 
10. Snakes In Paradise 
11. Damaged Kid 
12. Excited 
13. Garden Of Babylon 

Check out the album cover of "The Savage Playground" Out January 22 (Worldwide) January 25 (Scandinavia) 
Artwork by: C.A Beckston ( www.monowasp.com

A sample of the first single "Cocaine Cowboys" can be heard right here:  http://snd.sc/QMFf9  

Press release: 
With the "The Savage Playground" recorded during summer/autumn 2012 at Kingside Studios outside Stockholm with producer Otto Wellton, the band has their minds set to break through on a worldwide basis with a tour that will see the band going back to the U.S. as well as going to Japan for the first time. "We will put a lot of effort into the U.S. for our new tour," continues Sweet. "We will start in Scandinavia in February, Then we head to the U.S. and Canada. Coming back end of April to do U.K. and then Europe and Japan will follow with festivals in the summer and then South America to kick off in the autumn." The new album sees CRASHDÏET going in a heavier and direction. "'The Savage Playground' is our playground, it's the beginning and the end, it's the place where we eat and breed," says Sweet. "We thought the time was right for us to do a edgier and not-so-polished-sounding album, kinda like what we sound like live. It's more organic and rough-sounding. And, of course, we're always evolving as musicians and like to try new ways of expressing ourselves, and that can most definitely be heard this album."
Well must say that they have tons of plans for the next tour world wide and as i thourght all on top of eachother no time to get money together for that much all happens in the begining of the first 5 months HOLY FUCK but hope that some pray will help me get hands on something very positive to happen for me on this tour so that i can cover as much as possible for the first half year..but will see what happens. Same goes for the new crashdiet dvd that will star to be shipped out from this comin Thuesday the 4th of Dec so a new good 3 - 3.5 hours of new stuff to see so looking forward to see that one so guess that that will be my christmas pressent from me to me ...LOL. Hope they will have some new stage set and an even more red line through it all between stage show and outfit could be cool if they this time would use piros bombs and cant wait to see how the new shitr works out live mean the Anachy track works ok live some bet most of the other stuff will to and  hope they will do songs such as Fallin Rain  -  I Dont Care and maybe some of the unreleased tracks they have done ....but guess not. well ive been in contact wit a great guy in canada whom also is a huge crashdiet fan and we have talked bout if they go there as it seems in 2013 then he will help me get hold of stuff from that  side of the world so thx buddy.

For some reason ill really like the cover art of the cd its some way diffrent but still nice. Bet alot of people out there are sicked like i am but hope they really do some even more cool merch on this tour ... Untill then we just have to wait till the band reveil some news on that area! Im awaiting some cool shirt on the gang along with some personal used item among other stuff and fineally my website will be updated with lots of new stuff such as shirts, posters, flyers, diarys , and other cool items so we will keep ya posted as and when stuff is happening, Till next time take it safe out there 



German Gig Awaites Last This Year, Oct 18th 2012

Once again I was off to Germany for yet another Crashdiet gig this time no 46th in the count...But who does that right, lol, lol? Well got home from work on the 12th of Oct round 05.30 had a quick shower and then straight to bed to sleep for round 2-3 hours before had to get up and the hit the train station once again to get to Hoje Taastrup and catch the train that would take me to Hamburg ...Train left at 09.58 and sat to land in Mulheim An De Ruhr witch was my destination. This was once again to go to the Shout It Out Loud Festival but this time it has been moved to another city in De Ryhr. A city called Wetter so had to travel for yet a good hour the day of the 13th but was "well done" as they say so went out for some food then a nice shower after a long day and directly to bed at the Hotel i had booked myself into for the weekend. Never slept that good for a long time till the alarm clock woke me up at 09.00 had to get a shower and some brakefast before i left for the SIOL Fest for the day.

Must say that i had heard that the accustic gig with Mike Tramp should be awsome and could not wait to see it myself and it was just gonna be him with a guitar on stage but hey it still was going be great cause he will be playing some big hits from White Lion and the band after that Freak Of Nature so it would be cool to see witch tracks of F.O.N. he will be singing. And as well for the Stephan Peircy gig all Ratt hits but still how many of the very old ones would he do must say it was really great set there and sure he is not 25 anymore but still kicked ass though. But I guess that that will go for most of the bands artists from back in the 80´s. Same goes for the BANG TANGO my first with em and would love to see em again sometime. But all in all had to wait an see what the CrashGang would be doing when new stuff will be added on their websites!!

This year had some bands that i really liked and some i had  never seen live before so it was pretty sicked for this year. But must say that this new place was really small. Smaller than the rock club we use to have here in Copenhagen called "The Rock" witch i have seen Crashdiet 3 times at so. But was kind of surprised to see what merch there would be for this year last year had a festival shirt and a event poster this year ONLY a shirt they wouldnt sell the poster as it had been printed to another city n venue. But there was one poster and ONLY one that hang outside in a frame and said to myself that i would steel it when it all was over ...and i did Hahahahahahah. Well arrived to the venue in wetter at 13.15 and the door was set to open up at 14.00 hours but was running late and out of the blue two guys was shouting out my name and it was the Bai Bang bros Joacim and Diddi we talked for bout 15 min and Diddi said that we need to get ya a backstage pass and then they went back do to the should play 2nd. Never did get round to get that pass from ya guys ..well fuck it ! Did go see them and they did good and besides BaiBang I got the change to see Mike Tramp , Crashdiet , Bang Tango , Stephan P. , Fate, TigerTailz, and must say that the Tailz had a brand new line up and must say they did great man and had the pleasure to say hallo to the original drummer boy Mr Ace Finchum.

Had talked to Mr Rob Wylde over facebook and messanger asnd we talked bout meet up at the SIOL Fest i Germany and when they were getting ready to set up for the set ive called out Rob Wylde and he responted and i gave the gift i told him that i was bringing him and he was exited to get it or at least so it seemed. Happy to say that again did get to see the first gig in 2012 and the last gig 2012 on this years crash tour. When Crashdiet did hit the stage and closeing in on the last few tunes to be played they fuckin fire alarm did go off and they had to clear the stage and it took round 20-25 min and then they did get on stage and continued the last tracks of the setlist .... And when i was standing there and talking to Rob Wylde my right shoe stepped on one of the new 2012 fest shirts witch ive bought two of so that i could trade with some one out there if interested and now i had 3 shirts well said to myself why not get the artists to sign it on the back so i did but didnt get em all there but think ive got round 20-30 signatures is on it incl ALL CRASHDIET.

l have also now been ordering the new CD non tittled yet - or has been made official for the fans yet ...but will be writeing another diary when more news will be comin. Did get the change to get backstage with Rob Wylde and he was trying to fine Ace Finchum and did get the change to meet and say hallo to the CrashGang backstage for a breef moment but allways nice just to say hallo. Well was able to get hold of the pass later on Mr Ace of the tailz gave me his and signed on the back with a silver pen ...hope to stay see some new line of merch on the upcomin tour merch for their 2013 tour ....

Sep. 20th 2012 The Crash Close Up Cruiz Stockholm - Turku Sep. 6/7th 2012.

Finally had a trip to look forward to just as I found out that the boys were to play this years Close Up Mag Cruiz from Sotokhlm to Turku, Finland on Sep. 6th 2012. I found this news in the month of August so had the ticket bourght and my vacation was round the first two weeks of September too and may I say so very needed too. So thank god that there were two things to have to look forward to for the vacation. I thought that time was standing still as hell in August. Well i guess that it does when ya have something to look forward to but finally - time came around - so happy to get a break from my work was time for me to start packing for this Rock Cruiz there were a few days left. Me I was flying to Stockholm on the 6th of Sep. and was set to fly round 08.35 and arrive in Stockholm Arlanda Airport at 10.15 i hate to fly this early out when you then have 6-8 hours just sitting round waiting for nothing but this time i did take the time to go visit Daves grave in Uppsala and Dave´s mom at the Lepard store as well, it was some time since i had been to Daves grave just to see it and be there. So it was nice. Totally forgot to take some pictures of the grave this time i did have the time but ...ohh well. Gonna take lots of pics next time around. l had to go vicit Lisbeth at the store round 15.00 hours and then back a couple of hours later and we talked bout her book that she is writing on. And what i had going for me and all in all a good little chat there to kill the few hours that i had and did get to meet up with Mr Kjelle from Uppsala band He´s A Killer for 10 min good to see ya to. Lisbeth told me something that i did not know at all but cant say cause i dont know if it will see the light day of or not but could be cool to see what will come of it cant say anything no matter how much i want to share many of these things with but lets just hope that it all will come along - one fine day.

Took the train back to Stockholm 17.24 had to get to the ferry in time and it was running a little late and some other people did miss the bus that goes to the boat so texted a friend of mine Danny he texted me back with the name of the duck it was at and split a cap with 3 other folks so we got there in time and knew some people that were going to be attending this Cruiz.  Friends from Stockholm and round the Scandinavia too so was gonna have a blast this time around. l was amongst the first 25 people that was gonna go onboard of the paying crowd and went straight to find my cabbin i was staying in cabbin 8801 this time on the 8th deck and bands was on the 5th deck. I was at my cabbin to leave the baggage then i went out to see where the diffrent things where bar, merch stand, and so on and the Close Up Cruiz is pretty much a Metal one with 80% pure metal bands not my kind of style but Crashdiet , Sister and 69 Eyes were also playing so did see a few tunes from Pain, Soulfly and a few others of the heavier bands and then Crashdiet was set to play last on the 6th exact 02.10 that night crazy time so i was doing some tax free shopping first and then grab myself a warm meal and back to the cabbin with Danny and his friend to get some stuff that i sold to Mr Danny Thunder that i promised to bring to him he got that and then back to the stage after that to see some music and just to see what Crash would bring to sell on there and surprise!!!! NOTHING did i miss of the merch so only bought the new edition of the Close Up Magazine witch incl a CD feat Crashdiet "G. Wild " track on there so did get that and then the cruiz program that was it. Weird really.

Well as many of you may or may not know the Generation Wild album is also out there on red coulored vinyl and ive got it twice and brought one to hopefully get it signed by all and did get it signed by 3 still missing Martin Sweet but hey it comes sooner or later ill know. When i was walking round the boat i bombed into a great friend Mr Pete from stockhlm whom saved me by letting me stay at his place when im in stockholm for fun or something that has got to do with Crashdiet ...and he had just been in at the taxfree shop along with Mr Simon Cruz and Mr Matin Swett and Simon had his hands full but still leaned forward to give a warm wellcome and a friendly hug. Dont even think Martin saw me at that time he was packin down his booze and beers but did get the change to say hallo later as he and his gilrfriend was in the crowd. His girlfriend said hallo with a hug. Sweet. But its always good to see ya friends that ya have not seen awhile...

And i have brought my SKV - Rikki Riot bass picks that we have done for him meaning we have been talking bout doing these for some time since we talked in Stockholm at the last gig on the Generation Wild tould that Crash did at the Stockholm Hotel on the 20th of Dec 2011. Rikki and i talked and we did a design for it so he got his picks at the Close Up Cruis this year and he was happy and Sister´s new guitarist also wanted to get some dome. So in time brother .....Well the Crashdiet gang has finally done all the recording for the new CD to come in January 2013 now and will be getting into the mixing mood now and then l guess that there is the photoshoot for the cover what ever that will be lookin like and the cd booklet ...and they had put up a video teazer for the track " Change The World" sounds all good boys cant wait to get this cd in hand and now they have only one more gig to do this year as far as it has beed set up for them officially and that is the German gig at the SHOUT IT OUT LOUD FESTIVAL that has been moved from the RWE HALLE in Mulheim to this Wetter, Nordrhein - Westfallen Concert Venue witch is about 20-22 km away from Mulheim where it was in February where i was at last time when Crash had to pass for this do to that Mr London had to go in for surgery in his back.

This will be so cool to see there are bands that i have not seen on this years line up and yes they are 20 years older but hey they can still deliver a great show and im always happy to see the Crash boys live and now Mr Stephan Pearcy, never seen Bamg Tango never seen and the new Crazy Lixx has a new Bass player Mr Loke Rivano is no longer a part of this ....sad! And Mr Mike Tramp is set to play a 30 min accustic gig with tracks from both White Lion and Freak Of Nature so that will be a treat for me to hear them rock out loud n live just ordered the mens n girly tanktops off from the crash store online so now all official merch is covered once again since 2007 that has been online sales there. Still there are some from the 2005-06 tour im missing but maybe some day .... even the US tour shirt from this 2012 US tour is here thx to a great friend l know i can trust 100% has helped me there ....THX.

July 26th 2012 ..... The Bday boy goes to the USA TOUR 2012

Its time once again to get a little note out there to ya all and last but not least a note for myself tho.... I heard this wonder of an idea from a good friend in the USA a girl named Evangeline H Delbono she was or is going to see the Crashdiet guys on two shows of their upcoming US tour in August...man wish that i was. I hope to cover them some time they over there but too damn expensive trip that will be!! Ohh by the way -  Mr Simon Cruiz day July 26th HAPPY BDAY SIMON i wish ya all the best on ya day and may ya get a hell of a rockin day with ya love ones. I am in deals with i guess evryones friend Chris Young he has some cool items for me and i will be happy to help ya out with all kinds of European stuff. We are closing in on the month of august so then only 5-6 weeks im going on the Close Up Mag cruiz for the Crash gig this is my 3rd or 4th Crashdiet gig at sea so cant wait for that one ive said to myself that as long as im a collector i will try to cover all the gigs at these Magazine Cruizes that is being held by mags such as Sweden Rock and Close Up and all the gigs in Denmark witch has been 4 so far ..5 for Martin Sweet as he toured with swedish rockers Gemini Five for some time in 2009.

So whats new? Well the new Crashdiet album is set to be released in December 2012 - January 2013 that is what has been talked bout man its a long wait but just hope it will be worth the wait and for me personally just hope that they will come up with some sick shit for a stage show with fireworks ,flames and stuff and the setlist will be some of the unreleased b sides of singels and demos they´ve done such as: Hollywood tease , Fear Control  and so on and maybe more from the Unatractive cd they actually have alot of songs done over the years that they never played live. But as a fan and diehard collector ya can only hope n wish. But man it would be cool to see a whole new side of them and a some kind of red line that combines the stageshow with the band mates like they had on the Unatractive Revolution tour they had this graveyeard theme on stage i liked that and then its been a year over a year since the Sweden Rock Fest gig was filmed when the FUCK is that set to be released ????? l hope that will be released along side the upcoming album were now waiting for that the guys are working on in between touring.....But good luck on it all boys!?

There are also set to be an instore signing for the band on August 14th witch will include a small accustic gig before the first gig on the 15th at the Whiskey A GO GO and then they have signed in on an new gig on the us tour in Baltimore. lm just happy to have had the pleasure of getting my hands on the first set list from this new tour where they played a new song "Anachy" and i will be hoping for my hands on more of em in Germany in October and the cruiz trip in September ....wonna rip all i can....Im looking so much forward to be going to the Germany gig in Mulheim An der Ruhr again this year due to that 80% of the bands i know and have seen but looking forward to be seeing BANG TANGO never seen em and ofc Mr Stephen Pearcy of Ratt heard that he will be doing some of his own solo tracks but lots of all the cool RATT songs cant wait to get there as you can see there are some cool band line up this year and hope to meet all the bands there would have been cool to get the event poster fully signed by all bands this year. You can only wish for it to happen though i would defenately have it framed on my wall.....But hope to get to meet some of the bands that i know is playing and can say that here on August 9th i will be seeing Mr Phil Lewis´s LA GUNS live at SIN CITY, Copenhagen never seen this LA GUNS before but saw Mr Tracii Guns a few years back in Denmark was cool to see but Phils LA Guns is with with my brothers girlfriend as his hitting for the KISS CRUE USA tour and then im gonna see the swedish rockers BAI BANG on August 25th also live at SIN CITY Copenhagen!? Well just hope some cool new Crash items will hit the streets this year they should do a cool tour poster for the new tour when the new CD is comin and tour will begin in 2013 not a small A3 sizse but a roller sized one man that could be cool... But its sure up to the band.

Well hope to get more notes out to all ya people that are following this website from a fan to fans to let ya all know what is happening here in the Danish cornor.... I have lots of new stuff to add on here but for now time will be going to wait as my webmaster has some trouble with her shoulder to work but it will be an adding all the new shit asap but its up to her so be patient out there but get back to ya asap as news gets in my reach till then be safe and Dont forget to sleez this shit up.....

PS: This should be new Crashdiet tour tshirt(s) and the black one could be the new us tour tshirt and l bet that the white one London is useing here is also a new one that will be online asap and all i know and as you all may know these will be add to my corllection as soon as ill see em in real or online at their own show. And later ill bet there will be even much more new shit from the gang to come. Must say that they finally are begining to do some cool tour tshirts that i like .....


Rockin Helsinki , Finland June 7th 2012.... June 14th 2012

My first time to Helsinki ,Finland to collect my debute memories on Crashdiet ever. Man i have had tickets for the Crashdiet before to Finland shows but last time they had to cancel duo to the recording of their previously album Generation Wild...which they was playing with one of my really favorite bands since i heard of em back in 2008 Hardcore Superstar but this time it was Rockin Helsinki and yes this time there was another world name added to the bill. Non other that MOTLEY CRUE so this is defenately my top concert bill of all time all my faverorite bands at the same gig at once ....!?  And for the first time in months this trip to Helsinki it is only my brother Tommy Lee and i that are going. I had a good feeling about this trip that everything would go smoothly and that we would come out on the other side just fine but for sure tired. Well my brother was hittin out to Copenhagen to pick up one of his friends from California i think it was a Mr Jake that was also going to this years Sweden Rock Festival that Motley Crue also was set to play as headliner so my brother was going to that to so he had to get his girl and Jake to the camping site on Wednesday morning early cause his name was the bookin name for their camping spot there and my bro and i was set to fly  to Helsinki Airport on Thursday at 09.35 from Copenhagen Airport . We went up round 06.30 to get ready for our first trip together alone on a looong time but we went of from my place little over 7AM to catch the train from Roskilde round close to 07.30 had to be at the airport at least 08.30. 

Well when we landed the time was 12.00 as to Finland is one hour ahead of us here so we had to take a bus from the airport to the central of helsinki it cost 4,50 euros pr person so that was ok we only had a small plasticbag to carry round in Helsinki at least till we got in to the show cause my brother had to get all the off Motley items that there was....so when we came to the central station we had to find out how to get to the place where the show was helt cause we didnt know where the fuck it was but we asked when we came to Finland and many told us that we had to take the metro train but we tried to find it on our own and it came down to that when we walked out of the station we had to walk for 5 min and there it was right behind the train station. So we got ourselves a sandwich and something to drink at the station just so we could go not feeling hungry for hours and we also did get some quiet good warm food at the festival site for 8 euros but was quit good food for a festival food. As  we came in we went straight to the official merchstand to get what we needed on our bands Crashdiet didnt have anything that i was missing so i was the lucky one there but did buy myself a cool Crue tour shirt and the coolest Hardcore Superstar tshirt that they have ever done i think. Thy cost 30 euros pr shirt thats ok and my brother did get the 3 new Crue once and they cheeted themselfs for the price of one so he got the 3 shirts for 60 euros ensted of 90 euros.... Lucky bastard.!

We where set to get in round 16.00 hours and Crashdiet was set to play at 17.00-18.00  - Hardcore Superstar 18.30-19.30  - Motley Crue 20.00 - 22.00 and then luckdown at 23.00

Well we took a walk round the place before we could get into the festival ground and we came to the other side of the place and we saw this little shop that was selling -tradein n buying cd-dvd-awards-vinyls an much more a small cool store Tommy ended up buying a few copies of the Vince book Sixx books in the finnish versions of em and i gave him one of em and they had some cool items in that store and KISS was all around..!? No Crashdiet! Well when we walked back we came to an opening where bands and all crew got in and out of the blue i saw Mr Eric Young of Crashdiet i waved at him and he back and said how are ya Morten ....we also saw some of the crew guys that worked for Motley on our way back we stoped for ten minutes to see the soundcheck for Crashdiet all nice to get this i the memory bag as well. It was close to get in time so we walked back and there was a huge poster with the Rockin Helsinki and band line up in B/W would have loved to get that ONLY two of em there but sadly non of us was lucky enough to get one sad but you cant get evrything !!!! When we got in and all was set in place we found a really good spot where we could see everything and was pretty close to the stage right beside the sound tower so we stood there and i did get to meet my friend Chris Young from Sao Paulo, Brazil he too is a Crashdiet collector he does have a few items that i dont have - some he wants so we will be tradeing for em cant wait to get the stuff from him. We meet for our first time and he came over and took a pic together so hope it came out gtreat man was good to fineally meet ya bro. When ya having fun time flies i guess but this Crue show was my first time seeing Tommy and his roller coaster one cool effect to ad to a stageshow man ....

Must say that i have had missed having these trips together with my brother it was so good to have him there alone i kind of missed him a little bit -Love ya bro and thx for having me along !
l did get to meet my other good buddies Pete and Andre fro Stockholm there and Andre had his brother along too. I think ive seen him somewhere before but not sure. When Hardcore was on stage and into the 3 song Mr Nikki Sixx stood at the right side of the stage and saw HCSS for bout 15 minutes. And when Motley was set to go on stage i couldnt wait.  They started off with Wild Side ...and wow Mick Mars man he is stiff it seems like he almost cant walk man sad vision but hell he still can move his fingers holy hell !!!!!.  All 3 bands seemed like they had a blast on a day in Helsinki all smiled and jumping round was so good to see and that Helsinki gig with Crashdiet was the 31st of mine and have two more in Sep. and Oct. so hope to get 7 more this year so i can end my 2012 with a good round 40 Crashdiet gigs since 2007. And suddently out of the big blue Davids sister Felicia stood there infront of me i didnt even know that she was gonna be there for this trippel gig but fuck was so good to see her again been awhile since last time....Love u Licia ill be back in Uppsala soon keep you posted on when and she had some of her friends with non that i knew of well but  maybe seen before ...
Well after they closed the place at the park where this was helt we said that we had to keep our eyes on the road for other tickets on the ground cause we did know that there were another ticket for this show out there a green one and we luckly enough both found one and my brother found even one more that i didnt and me i found two more that he didnt find so think all in all 5 or 6 different tickets for this gig alone if not other tickets was made for this ....always nice to get more diffrent tickets for one gig ! After we walked out we taked to Felicia that we could go with them for a beer or so but my brother and i got lost from em and  we just sat down and waited for the bus 615 to take us to the airport then we could get some food there and drinks and some rest in a warm place so my bro laied down and got himself round close to 4 hours of sleep there and me i did not even sleep till i got home round 10ish or something. Well when we got on board the plane back to Copenhagen i closed my eyes for bout ten fifteen minutes and when we came to the CPH Airport we split our ways after i bought some chocklate for him to bring to Sweden Rock so he went straight to Sweden and me home so i brought the stuff from Finland home with me !? Here are some new dates that they will do for their second time to the USA and this time their first gig ever in NEW YORK. Man would love to get these tickets for these gigs and flyers and stuff that there will be made and maybe also a new US tour tshirt 

Aug 15 - Hollywood, Whisky a go go, CA
Aug 16 - Las Vegas,/Vamp'd, NV
Aug 19 - Mexico City,/Rock and Road, MX
Aug 24 - New York City, Webster Hall Studio, NY

Even this gig im looking forward to see this will be my 3rd one of the kind Crashdiet live at sea  Ive told myself that i will try to cover all Denmark gigs and the cruiz gigs they are set to do here in Scandinavia. Hope ya all enjoy reading this or these diaries as much as i do writing em and im trying to get as much as i can into these diaries when im on tour with the gang from city to city and country to country.  Well have a lot of new items that will come on line asap but our webmaster has been sick and there for not been able to keep it up to date for a while ...best wishes Heidi get well soon ! But guess that all the new from the Crashdiet store i have ordered last month and the items from Chris will soon be here cant wait to get it all here man ....and also waiting for two dvd shows from their Australian tour last year in Sydney and Melbourne my friend Linsay is gonna get em copyed to me Thx bro. So hope to be able to get all aded asap and hope to get more stuff soon and until then be safe and sleeze this shit up ! 69queenobscene.dk

New Crashdiet Tour Begins @ Huddinge Festival June 1st ........ June 3rd 2012

It seems that yet here in 2012 will be another year full of activity here in my diary since the boys are going on the new "Anachy World Tour 2012/13" and im proud to say that i am on this tour. I got to cover the first gig again and this time was at a festival in Huddinge, Sweden close to Stockholm on June 1st. Time was now for the swedish gang Crashdiet. And after Mr London went in for sergery i can say this much he is back and happy to be ready to rock n roll with ya on the new tour. I wanted to get upfront for this one. And i did with no trouble at all and there was no pushing of any kind man it was good and kept telling myself that i WILL have the setlist from this first gig on this tour and as the smokes cleared here i am and i have it right here.

Must say that i was looking forward to see what was new and what to expect from em as they have said that they have some new suprises for the festival tour they are booked for and the new surprice is that Simon has finally a new hair due or pretty much a new one this time he shaved the sides of his head and still have the high punk hair but this time without the black stripes .....no the new is that when i saw em for this first time since i ended the Generation Wild tour in Stockholm in Dec. 20th 2011 they played one new tracks. And from what i have been informed bout will be on the forthcoming cd that will be seeing the daylight later this year. Here is what they played @ the Huddinge Festival.

Crashdiet Setlist june 1st 2012:
Native nature                  
Anarchy - NEW TRACK

Down With The Dust       
In The Raw

So Alive                        
Straight Out Of Hell                     
Queen obscene              
Breakin The Chains

Knock En Down

Riot In Evryone                
Generation Wild                                 ¨
Save Her

Some day i will get my hands on one of Simons old used tshirts that he has been used on stage does not matter witch one these is what makes a collection cool personal items used by the band on stage, phtoshoots, album covers or tour! Cant be sure about that it but - the same new track they will be playing on the tour before the CD will be released hope so but never know. And as Simon told the crowd the song "Save Her" was ment to be the 4th single from the GW album but somehow never got to be and know that there is a promo cd for the " Chemical " track would love to get that added here in the collection well some day maybe!? l had to get up round 05.40 on Friday morning to be at the airport for my flight at 08.30 too early for me but hey thats life bitch....

l was set to land in Stockholm at 09.30 and landed at the Stockholm Central trainstation round 11.00 and later on set to meet up with a friend of mine that lives close to Stokholm Mr Pete but he too was tired as hell so we talked over the phone and agreed that we should meet up at the venue later that evening for the crashdiet show. And got to have the pleasure to meet Crash´s old tour guy Mr Fredric was really good to see you dude and had the pleasure to also meet Londons farther and the guy that help the band to print their merch such as tshirts and so. Interesting people to meet them. I feel honered to meet those people in real life and when i finally got to Hudding Centra station i had no fuckin idea where to go to find the venue so took a change to get a taxi just to be sure well turned out that the cap driver didint have a clew where to go as well but he tried and suddently his car made a big bang and he said ohh shit and drove on then he stopped and the right front tire had explowded so he said that i didnt have to pay anything but he will call for a new cap so after ten minutes a new one came and fuckin ay man he to did not know where to drive to and his car began to smoke under the fronthood and the motor broke down so he too said cant go furture so have to get a 3rd fuckin cap man and ended up paying 37 swedish for that ...dont ever gonna get a cap in Huddinge again after this no fuckin way man me and Huddinge caps dont go hand in hand i guess.

And nothing in the swedish papers for the festival the festival did not even have a festival tshirt to sell the only bands that sold merch that day was Crashdiet n Europe fuckin strange but i have finally got all the latest Crasdiet merch covered and the few things that hasnt been set up @ their webstore such as the new tshirt and two caps so nice to be up to date on that to but really hate those called trucker caps style of baseball caps but hey its cheep merch if ya ask me but up to whom ever to use what they see fit for em. And after the gig was over and the band had some alone time to come down and all came to the stand to sign stuff Mr. London was drinkin a glass of red wine and when he was done ...hahahaha i stole the glass so its here safe n sound in the collection. And got their first setlist on this tour too and this one was Simons setlist well didnt take any picture at this gig so not much to put in here but all the new stuff will be added asap and im gonna go through my collection on stuff just to see if all items are on if not then will get pics takin and get it on there as well as my two Crashdiet beers that keep missing getting pics ready for the site.

Was talking to Simon at one time and told him that i would see him in Helsinki in 4 days from now on the 7th along with Hardcore Superstar and the mighty Motley crue and that i was to be seeing them in Mullheim´s Shout It Out Loud Festival he didnt know of this but knew it was in October. And that is on the 13th. They will be playing there along with uk band Tigettailz, us band Bang Tango, swedish gang Crazy Lixx and two others that i dont know whom will be yet.... never seen Bang Tango live so cant wait to see em live and then there is the swedish magazine Close Up that again this year in Sep. 6th - 7th is having the Cruiz between Stockholm and Finland so that too i have my ticket here safely waiting for that just need to get my plain ticket to fly up there and home but will get it covered asap.

Besides all this hope to get lots more gigs covered in the year 2012 this one in Huddinge was my 30th crashdiet show since 2007 incl the free gigs that they played round Sweden so hope to be able to say 40 gigs with crashdiet at the end of this year just need 7 more gigs besides when the new album comes tons of a massive tour will be comin so. Just hope that i will be able to get to see em in more countries that i have not seen em in yet which means its been Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, ireland, Finland so hope that something cool will be added down the dusty road there in time.

Did pass out round 100 buisness cards as promo for my website there at the Huddinge fest so hope that some of em will go in on it and send me a few notes on what they like and dont like the website is to just get a visual idea of whats out there of items to get hold of on the band for the fans and collectors that do collect but have never heard of anybody like myself. I know a couple but not in my leag so to speak ..but some of the items may be hard to get by now or not to get at all there are a few from the beginning that i myself am still missing im just happy that i have what i have so far but hope to be able to get the biggest and badest collection on the band besides themselves and im thinking im good ahead for it ...! next time next show is next week in Helsinki with Motley Crue and it give birth to yet another diary I am sure. Till then be safe and stay tuned and dont forget to Sleaze this shit up.....


New Tour is on....... May 19th 2012
Hallo everyone out there damn its been a long time comin this note here in the diary but here are some news that will be happening for me so far this summer. First of all i know that the biggest tour on earth this summer is the one they call THE TOUR feat KISS and MOTLEY CRUE touring the us and for millions of people that is the ultimate thing but when i heard that Crashdiet will be opening for the European tour gig in Helsinki, Finland for Motley Crue and i saw that the bill for the gig was Crashdiet  - Hardcore Superstar N Motley Crue this is deffenately my ultimate show for 2012 couldint be better set up. And for this there has been set up a pre-party before the gig close to the venue as ive heard and for that thing there has been done flyers n poster as well as for the gig too so for this show i will be going with my brother Tommy Lee whom has his own crue website www.mcrueloyalty.dk check it a monsterous collection!!  So there, we will try to get hands on posters n flyers ...

The gigs that ive got covered so far is thises:
Huddinge Festival ,Huddinge ,Sweden Jun. 1st

Rockin Helsinki ,   Helsinki , Finland   Jun 7th 
Close Up Cruiz , Stkhlm/Finland.        Sep. 6/7th 
Shout It Out Loud Festival ,Mulheim ,  Germany Oct 13th

And I have been thinking of taking on the two more in Sweden in July and one in August... and as ive heard Crashdiet will do something xtra ordenary for the Huddinge Fest so looking forward to see what they come up with and will meet up hopefully with a good friend from stockholm Andrea Toivanen so looking forward to it. As far as i know this will be the poster for the Huddinge festival and for me its gonna be the first time i ever gonna see the other Swedish rockers Europe cant wait to see they like live and then the other two bands dont know em .....

Since the boys now have been throwing lots of new items out will be covering all the missing items asap and as many may know im having my own clothing line SKV Clothing a Danish rock n roll clothing thing and we have been asked if we will do a re-print or a new one so we will work on a new design to see if and what we will come up with....we will be keeping you all posted on our www.facebook.com/skvclothing-denmark . On May 12th Mr London and Mr Cruz went to London to do some dj stuff and as some has told me there was made flyer or a poster for they dj uk tour so hope that some of my uk friends will help me get hold of it all.... and here it is... Down round the Spain there is set to be have a sleazy zone party and there has been done  a flyer  for it or poster maybe both that holds a pic. of Peter London so home a frind of mine down there wil help me get hold of these items to. Just hope this will be many new cool memorise in the back pack to bring along for this year and hope that i will be attending many gigs this year. Well this will be a short diary this time but here something new and there are some few deals out there that will be ended asap i hope and gotton some cool contact in Germany from one of the clubs where Crashdiet has played before and i will be getting a German promo banner for one of their gigs down there and it will be a banner thats 100cm wide and 150 cm high so cant wait to get that. But will keep you posted as things going on and be better to add more diary here on whats going on ...so check in on my website here from evry now and then.. And as allways Sleaze this shit up

Double Shot Stockholm - Mullheim March 22nd 2012

God fuckin damn time has been flying by since i have not had time to do a short diary from my trip to Stockholm when i was there to see Mr Simon Cruz old band Foxey live @ the Harry B James bar ...I have to tell ya all bout it now. I was set to have a relaxed day here at home in Febuary and i saw that Simon Cruz was gonna perform at H.B.J bar on the 17th of Feb. with his old band he had before Crashdiet ....right FOXEY they never released any cds just tracks and had a few hits among people. I was lucky enough to sleep at my good friend house Pete Silver from stockholm. Thanks a mill my friend for getting me a place to stay we met up at Stockholm Central Station where he picked me up and we went grappin some beers an boose for a small cool pre party at his place and Mr Iron Congo showed up was good to see him again he is in a new band good luck there dude. It was time to go there and i have said to myself if there was any posters, flyers or so ill got damn steal it if i have to and was lucky enough to get hold on a flyer and poster and a monthly event flyer as well. Nothin much but 25% was Crashdiet and it also said that on the flyer and poster members of ......Simon was as always kind enough to come up to me to say hallo ..So HALLO!! After a while i ran into mr Ryan Roxy was cool to see him again he to is a busy guy with new shit to come from him man .....after the gig we went outside and was finding out if any was into having a morning party at Pete´s place so we went there but i was so beet that in the morning hours i felt a sleep and was gonna get the train to go to Uppsala to meet some friends there and have a meeting with some people and then i was lucky here to. I have a good friend to spend the night at till i was going home on Sunday. Well when i reached Uppsala and had the meeting then after that i grapped something to eat and then off to my very dear friend that i really love ...when i came there there was a little party going on but i was totally smashed no party for me man when straight to bed after 20-30 min there and was out like a light after 5 min and slept till 11 next day hit the shower and then soon after that took a cap to the Uppsala Central Station to get the flybuss to Stockholm Airport to go home again......But i will be back for more fun in sweden with my dear friends asap. I even took a few hours in Uppsala before going to my friends house and since i was there i went to Dave Lepards grave for my 4th time i thought since i was there why not go there so...

Well then a few weeks later it was yet again time to hit the road for a festival in Mullheim -Germany for the Shout It Out Loud Festival and Crashdiet was on the bill among Vain, HCSS, Tuff/Shameless, and other bands and two days before the gig was to start Crashdiet had to split from this due to Mr London was hit with some shitty back pain and had to go into sergery but seems that he is doing so much better ...Hope ya get fit for fight asap London. l had to grap the train for this trip only a trip that took 8,5 hours from Roskilde to Mullheim but slept pretty much the hole way had a couple of changes along the way and i had to work the day before i left for this trip so thats the fuckin reason i slept all the way but ended in Mullheim at 16.12 and had then to find my hotel to check in only took 15-20 min from the train station so easy to find. Went straight to bed to see some telly and after a few hours i was going out to see if i could find the way to the venue where this rock fest is going to be set of ....took 20 min from the hotel so pretty easy to so went home again to hit the sheets and get some sleep ....

Went up round 10 Oclock the next day took a shower and had some breakfast at the hotel which was incl. and then off to the venue round 12.30 and on the way out of the blue a tall skinny guy comes walking right to me and i knew who he was straight away ...he saw me and said "Dont i know you from somewhere..." well i said Hallo Adde the drummer from Hardcore Superstar well yes ya do man and we talked for 2 min he had to get back to the hotel cause he had forgotton his stage outfit so he has to go buy some new stuff to play in for tonite... well good luck bro and he said see ya later and off he went. well was kind of looking forward to see HCSS, vain whom has or comin out with a new cd, my friends Sister of sweden, and dangerous Toys never seem em before was ok to see and they did play a few tunes that i knew from their 90´s album "Sticks N Stone" i think its called. When l went in i was givin a flyer on the next Shout It Out Loud festival witch will be at the same venue n town on the 13th Oct and Crashdiet - Crazy Lixx - Tigertailz - Bang Tango is already set up so im gonna order my ticket for this next week anyone wonna go along?

And i have the Finland ticket feat Motley Crue - Crashdiet - HCSS June 7th, and now my brother and i are the only ones thats going for this lookin forward to it together with him and show ticket and flight ticket is safe an sound for that one. And have plans to hit the Huddinge Festival on June 1st right outside Stockhlm well gonna order that too asap so that i have 3 crash gigs to look forward to so far this year and many more to come. And my brother is going for the HELLFEST so im gonna get the merch covered there too and also there was a Rock The Night fest in Germany on the 9th this month w. Sister - C.Lixx - and HCSS that Crash was also set to play but had to back out cause of Londons thing there was a poster flyers and a event tshirt done for this to just as the S.I.O.L Fest did and is gonna get the RTN merch to they where kind enough to sell it to me so thx to RTN at The Paunchy Cats Bar check em out at facebook or www.PaunchyCats.de AFSNIT

So got the official merch covered from the Shout fest and cant wait to get it all home from the paunchy cats bar hope it will get here soon. As ya may or may not know Crash has just released two new tshirt that too im gonna get covered of their off merch asap so that im all covered there too. I am NOT gonna miss out any now that. Everything since Oliver was in the band ive got all off merch that they have sold through their webstore. And do have some other of the shirts that didint get to hit the store along with some of the old from the Dave area as well. So now that Crash has hit the studio in the forrest of Sweden somewhere recording the new album ill be able to do things for my clothing line so that i can get some of the new shit ready asap. Well to my Australian friend Lindsay ya Crash stuff is fineally off so hope ya get that soon and hope to get the two acustic gigs ya filmed on dvd soon too and im so sorry for ya delay on this so much has been to take care of....To all my friends out there hope to see ya soon on the road when Crashdiet is finally gonna start their new off 2012 tour after the CD is out....And to all have a great time till then be safe and btw if ya missing out on some rock n roll gear then do send Lisbeth an email she might be able to fix ya up at the Lepardstore in Uppsala... her email is : lepardstore@gmail.com Be back here soon fuckers.....

Final gig 2011 , Stkhlm Dec 20th ..... Dec. 22nd 201

l just found out a few days ago that Crashdiet has set up their final 2011 gig in Stockholm on the 20th of Dec at the Scandic Grand Central Hotel this was to be an acustic gig only and i would really like to cover this gig to to end up this Generation Wild Tour since ive covered the very first gig with Simon Cruz to back in Stockholm on the Oct. 8th 2009 on the sweden Rock Cruise from Stkhlm - Turku Finland. Two days before this gig i got some help from my brother to get tickets for my traveling so i was flying up to Stockholm and i was taking the train back home the day after! l was looking so much forward to see this gig since this would be my first acustic gig with the gang so i was kind of happy to be seeing this as well. I have been asking my friend Dany in Sweden if he was going and he told me NO. On the Thuesday morning i came home from work had to get some few hours of sleep before heading out. I was set to fly out from Copenhagen at 15.30 so had to be there at least 90 min before so was there around 75 min before and when i came to the airport the flight was 2 hours delay so i was now set to fly out at 17.40 hours and time was way to long to just sit there and had nothing to do so tried to get an hour of xtra sleep and then get time to past by faster. Well finally time to fly out and i was at the Stockholm Arlanda airport at close to 19.00 hours and had to take the bus to the Stockhlm Central so took it in and was there round 19.50 at the evening so had to find something to eat and again most was closed so had to live on junkfood for 24 hours l hated it ...then i arrived to the Stockholm Central i had to find something to drink and relax a little bought a magazine for my brother there and after an hour went to find some food and then to hit the Crash gig at the hotel round 22.00 hours. The gig was with a free entrence. Finally i was there was good to see em again this was my my 11th gig this year with CrashDiet and a few of em was free gigs. They played 3 tracks from the first album and the rest was from the G.W. album a small cool gig for 40 minutes or so and did get the chance to speak to em after the gig was done and stole Londons setlist and did get to ask Eric after the gig for his drumsticks and he did give me them along with his own setlist. But when i asked him for it he looked at me and said .... " Ya want evrything ..ha " sure do and thx Eric. When the gig was done i asked Eric if he would sign the very first Crash tour tee with Simon they ever did and he said sure l do so got that one fully signed witch i think its kind of cool to have that piece.

Did get the chance to meet some few friends i have not seen for some time mr Andrea and Mr Pete was quiet good to see ya boys again and did get the chance to talk a few words to Londons wife Isabel as well also good to see you again. l did get the idea that Andrea and Pete should come to Denmark and visit me here sometime next year so hope to see ya here some time when the weather gets a little warmer. And when everyone had left the hotel then me,Andrea and others went off to the Club Pub Anchor never been there so first time too but hit off there along with Mr Simon so had a few drinks there before they closed. So did get to thx Somin for all in 2011 and tell him Merry Christmas and to all my friends there and me and Anna went to grap a piece to eat before she hittet home and me off to the train she told me some stories too from the Crash gigs she has attented southern Europe...!? Thank you for the stories hun was good to get to know you and talk to ya and hope to see you out there on the new crash tour.

lt had only been two weeks since i saw the boys in Ireland and Belfast UK and in between then and this Stockholm gig has Eric had a broken finger in his right hand due to that i was told from a friend that the boys was playing a sold out gig in france with Blackrain for close to 600 and as they boys found out Eric got so pissed of and slammed his hand into a wall or something so the Stockholm gig he played with his hand all rapped up but did ok l guess he told me on and text message that it would not be a problrm for him to do this stockholm gig and on the 21st Eric was set to go into an oparation and as i heard all went well for him so now its time for him to recover and then the band will be starting to write new tracks for the forthcomin album and start recoding in march and Mr Sweet told me that the upcomin dvd will be start workin on by Sweet too here in the begining of the new year so maybe that will see the day round at the time they start record the new album. When the afterparty kind of thing was all over in stockholm we all went down stairs and got a few beers and the Crash gang came down execpt Mr young guess he went home too be fresh for the operation next day as Simon said at the gig. Well did go ask Sweet for a favour and it was to see if he would write a message out to www.69queenobscene.dk and he said wont do any video messages and told him it will be a handwriting message and he was so kind to do so and his girlfriend Ika told him "now do it nice for him " Tell him Ika ....thx Martin and i told him as a fan this means alot to me and hope that i someday could get the other 3 to do they same

The boys have allready start bookin gigs for 2012 and the gigs so far are these
March 10th Shout It Out Loud Festival Mulheim Germany
July 6th Supporting Motkey Cruye in Helsinki Finland
August 6th Hellfest Framnce
August 16th Rockstad Falum Sweden.

l will try to get the German gig covered and the Sweden one and see with the rest. Already got the ticket for the Crash N Crue w. Hcss in the post today so me and my brother are going to that one and i might go the day before and check into an hotel or something will see. And already in January 6th Mr Eric Young has this to say bout a new thing happening this soon...would love to go to this but we will see what happens cant cover everything ..Sad but true.So if anyone is going then hope someone will help me to get my hands on flyers and posters from the Eric event there.
So! Dudes 'n Dudettes... Since i Missed Lichtenfels completely, i have decided to come down for a visit and do some Dj'n with my good friend DJ HIJINXX... Come have sum beers, drinks, high-fives with us on the 6th of jan 2012 at the Paunchy Cats Club.... See flyer for info and SPREAD IT!! See y'all soon! //ERIC YOUNG

l have this feeling that next year in my world of Crashdiet will be a hell of a year and lots of things will be happening so will try to get alot the stuff covered and hope to find someone to travel along wiith for this so hope to get the blessing to cover as many gigs on the new tour so far have seen the band all in all 28 times since i saw em for the first time in 2007 in Helsingborg at the RockHimlen. To here is some few pixx from the acustic gig i went to hope ya enjoy .... Well this will be the final diary from 69queen for 2011 and hope that the new 2012 will be an even more to write about and go to to cover for us and as ya may know at least many of ya Daves mother Lisbeth has the Lepard store and she once told me that she would love to get more of the Dave tribute tees i did for Daves 30th Bday from my SKV Clothing line and im honered to say that we at SKV Clothing will do a new one in 2012 and will bring some to buy at the Lepardstore will keep ya up to date on that ya can join the SKV Clothing line on facebook just seek SKV Clothing - Denmark on fb and puch the like botton there ....Well final thx alot to all my friends round the globe for an rockin 2011 , my webmaster Heidi B. , the Hellman Fam. , my Fam. and all new friends that has come along in 2011 and last but not least Mr Eric Young - Martin Sweet - Peter London and Simon Cruz for all kindness and support and looking forward to be on the road with ya in the new year and bring even more crazy ,memoryies to the diarys of 69queenobbscene.dk
Well heres the new Crash Christmas pixx from our friends saying....

C ya all in 2012 and thx for all great times in 2011. www.69queenobscene.dk

Dublin N Belfast in dec. 2001 Dec. 15th 2011.
Yet again the vacation ive been waiting for for weeks was finally round the fuckin cornor a hole 10 days off from the hell hole im workin in 300 days a year but hey just be happy ya have a job punk well i am but sure is good to get these damn breaks from it once in awhile! And it really was a huge need getting this vacation cause everything was adding up for some negative happenings so good to get off.... well This time i was going with my brother Tommy and his girlfriend Tine for a week of together and was set to flight out from Copenhagen airport Nov. 30th at 10.20 so came home from work on the 30th and just had to hit the shower and a bite to eat before getting back to take the train from Roskilde train station round 07.00 hours.¨Came to CPH Airport round 08.15 and checked in the only suitecase we had and went pass the security area and went to the tax free shops too bought some snacks for Tommys good friend Billy whom we where gonna live at over there in Ireland so brought some white chocklate for his kids. And then Tommy and Tine went to exchange some money due to the fact that they had to stay over there after i would get back to Denmark ....Cause MOTLEY CRUE were set to hit the UK for a Sixx gig tour with Def Leppard and Steel Panter......We took off at 10.25 from CPH and had round a two hour flight to Dublin Airport where Billy was set to pick us up. My brother and i went to get something to eat at the airport there was McD or some sad sandwiches so we took McD and then off we went after 20 min ...We had to drive by Billy´s mom´s house too as he had to do some stuff before we was heading out to his house an hour drive from his moms place .... Sat at his moms place for 2-3 hours and drank some tea and i was beginning to get really tired and was half asleep already...but we drove by a mini market for shopping a little for the next few days did make it through till we came home to Billy round 20-21.00 hours. well we went kind a straight to bed round 22.00 hours and i fell asleep till 10.30 next day and then he came to pick us up and he had made breakfast eggs n bacon and original uk breakfast was ok.

This was my first time ever in Ireland so felt good just to be out of Denmark for at least a week. On Friday we went back to Dublin to live at his moms place for 5 days and she came back to live at Billys place then was exited to come here to see yet again my swedish punks from CrashDiet been awhile since ive seen em live on stage so was looking forward to that again. But on Friday night we went to Dublin city to wonder round Dublin for the day and did see that there was done 3 diffrent posters an one flyer for the one Crashdiet Dublin gig and got em all or ...stole em...LOL before we were going to see x-voc. of CrashDiet Olliver´s band Reckless Love that was their last gig on the tour for this year round the european grounds. Was actually an ok gig my brother took some good pixx of him as i was interested mainly only in getting shots of Olli .... after the gig we went to an afterparty stayed there for and hour or two and then went home we had to go see the uk band The Darkness next night so a good nights rest would be good ....And when it all came down to hit the local buss to downtown Dublin on Saturday for workin round till Darkness gig so we had to meet up with Billy later he had to get the Darkness tickets but there was some fucked up shit so he couldint get the all the tixx he was promised so we disided to skip that show so we went to get a bite to eat and went home for the day all long days in Dublin witch was all ok for me no fuckin stress to cover evrything just really hold on to it as it was a vacation.

On sunday we were going to see what i came for CRASH FXXKIN DIET the original place they were supposted to play at was moved to a really small place but as long as i saw em... They had two support acts from Dublin non that i found that good at all but also didnt know at all.....But when we got there they have arrived and was unloading the tourbuss and we did go for a cup of coffie n beer did say hallo to Eric there and we went out walkin round till bout an hour or two before the gig then came back and went in. Decided to film the Dublin gig on video but the only shitty thing is that it was small and my bro stood there upfront close to the speakers recording but think he mostly got the change to film Simon and Martin but dont know how it turned out in pic and sound but its there .... got the setlist from that gig. Dublin wasnt the best gig ive seen that is still the Helsingborg gig in 2010 when they were on tour with BULLET and CASABLANCA. But i was there and after the gig in Dublin there was an afterparty that we was supposed to be attending too but skipped it as i had meet the boys there in Dublin after the gig and they were not to attend it them selves they could need some rest after this long tour for em from Australia and round the world so they will hit straight to Belfast for some sleep and Belfast was gonna be my 25th gig. So i got my brothers "Unatractive Revolution " cd signed for him and got some new pictures taken with the boys and Simon came up to me and said " Hey Morten how are ya" so i was happy after the 20 min with em we took a cap home to sleep.

We had to get up round 10.00 next day as we had bout 2 hours drive in front of us from our home to Belfast so took off after breakfast and went into finding the place were they were gonna play at and parked our car for the day and took a beer at the place were they should play at later and in the time that we got there they were yet again unloading the shit and was starting to set up and get soundchecks and we went in an was looking round and Simon again said hallo with a cup of coffee in his hand and said "Man you are everywhere" talked to Simon for a few seconds and then let him get his time... they did look more fit today you could see that they have been rested after the Dublin gig. Well now that we were in Belfast i just had to get change of cash to buy the Reckless Love cd which i think is better that the first....did get that done plus buy myself some new way cooler christmas cards at Eason on O´Conell Street as well and have sent some out to friends so hope ya get em soon... The Belfast gig was a bigger stage but otherwise not a good place was totally dark where the crowd could sit but stage was bigger tho. Went down in font of the stage and this time was only getting pixx from the gig so hope they turn out good today i was hoping to get the setlist as well but they did get 30 min delay so we had to leave right after the show....But the Belfast gig was way better than Dublin one but just happy to see em live again but at the end of the gig Eric came out to say hey to the crowd and did throw out some sticks and was lucky enough to get one from him since he handed me one ...Thx bro. Well ya can kind of say that this trip was my christmas gift to myself this year and i have been lucky enough to see Crashdiet 10 times in 2011 so a gig a month not bad...LOL. So when i got home from Ireland on dec 7th i said would have loved to seen one more of the Dec gigs but sadly no ...but Now they have decided to do one last gig yet again in Dec in Stockholm Dec 20th this time an acustisc gig so hope to get that one cover on Thuesday then ive seen the very first gig with Simon Cruz in 2009 and then this one 2011. could be cool enough to do..HAHHAHA!?

And that is NOT all news this year cause in June 2012 Crash will be once again playing in Helsinki Finland and this time together with Hardcore Superstar and Motley Crue ..... tickets are gonna be on sale on Monday 19th hope to get that covered before it get sold out cause it will all 3 bands are well known in Finland.....and the price are ony 60 euros. And Eric was unlucky to hurt his right hand so he couldint play the ITA gigs but this time they did NOT cancel the gigs the got Mr Martin Sweet´s babybrother Mr Michael Sweet to fill in on the drums for that one would have been cool to have that setlist and set of drumsticks added to my collection! Well 2012 will be one hell of year for my little Crashdiet universe there and also the Rockstads fest in Falun ,sweden has now been booked so Crashdiet will be on that bill as well so check it out at this website here www.rockstadfalun.se so all ready two fuckin gigs are booked well seems like im gonna travel alot again next year....But it will be fun then i hope to get the chance to see my friend Patrick over there ....And im happy to say that all official Crashdiet tour merch has been covered from this Nov - Dec tour even the Australian tour tee and the two posters + flyer ...!

Well keep ya posted on whats new and when theres news from my world of these fuckers there will be added some new tshirts, posters, flyers, tickets and video to in the near comin time and i also be gettin the two accustic gigs from the australian tour my new found friend Lindsay Bulach helped me get hold of the posters n flyer + tour tshirt from that tour ...Thx a mill dude...anything i can help ya with i will try to get for ya man! So at last have to say this to you all out there before its to late..... time is closing in so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YA ALL from 69queenobscene.dk C ya in 2012 fuckers....and thx a mill for all here in 2011 and to CRASHDIET thanx for everything to you all for all ya done for me !!! 69Queenobscene.dk
New Tour ..New country - In Dec..... Nov. 16th 2011

LOL its that time again to send off a new diary for the site so here we go fuckers....Sad to say that ive missed out on the Australian and US tour with the boys but somehow still happy to say that i am gonna get tour tee ,posters n flyers from the aus tour from a new friend of mine from Australia Lindsay Bulach so thx alot for helping out there buddy. And ill will be getting the two aus acustic gigs they did in Sidney and Melbourne on dvd aswell i was told to ....!? And then from the US tour a good friend of my brother Mr G.G. did go to the Hollywood gig on the 12th to see the Crash gang live and hopefully he too got some flyers and stuff for me and he knows alot of people to in Hollywood and hopefully some cool shit did or is comin my way from him i had to send him money to go to the gig and cover what ever he could do there .... so thx G. for ya help. And another new found friend in the US from a band that was supported Crashdiet on the 11th show he would tell the promoter to send me all kind of promo stuff from that event so that too has been done and this kind guy is Mr mark Caldera drummer of Trash Vally go seek em on facebook they from Fresno ,Ca and do play glam rock....Thx also to you dude for ya help on Crashdiet stuff.

Well who else has been helping me getting shit loads of crash stuff latest well yeah a good friend of mine in Sweden has done that and out of respect for him will NOT tell his name but thx brotha for helping me out there as always. This past Saturday i went to the final event of Rock The Night @ The Rock in copenhagen to see my good friends /www.starrats.net and the finish band with x- voc Olli H. Twisted his band www.recklesslove.com and did have an idea that i would love to get the chance to briefly talk to Olli this time only had the chance to meet him twice with Crashdiet in 2008 ...but did get the chance to speak to him for 10 min or so and i went up to him and said Olli hello do you remember me from back in the days and he said yeah i do ... after 3 fuckin years he still remembered most have done something but we talked and he told me some stories ill keep to myself and got the Unatractive revolution cd signed for my brother so the rest of that cd line up we will get for ya in Ireland bro probs ...Well ive asked Olliver a question on something and guess that he will look into that and we talked bout their gig at the rock and must say that ive was happy to see him live again and gonna see em again in Dec in Ireland on the 2nd so see ya there boys and was honered to tell ya that Mr Olliver did give me his used bandana from his 2008 days in Crashdiet a white one and he also did sign it so thx a mill for that Olliver....so there is some new personal shit to hit the site asap.

Forgot to ask him one thing so hope to get the change in Dec. if l meet him again ....and next time l meet Crash i will try to ask em for the same could be kind a cool to have for my website kind of like a thx for my support to em..but we´ll see if it will be possible in time....!! Well up next its my time again to hit the road for my 24th and 25th gig with Crashdiet in Dec the 4th n 5th in Ireland cant wait to see em there and see em live again and some friend of mine in Ireland has been getting tickets for me for the Ireland tour and think that the posters n flyers is covered on those two gigs too and a friend of mine in the UK Gemma-Louise will be passing out some promo cards out for me and try to get some flyers n posters for me from the Crash UK tour so i am so greatful for these people that will help me get these items ...Love u all man. Well these two Ireland gigs will be my last Crashdiet gigs on this tour sadly but its close to Christmas and im also in the process of buying present for my familly but almost done in that apartment thank god.....Then whats next for me you might ask ...well well well in 2012 i will plan a trip to Uppsala my almost 2nd home town to visit many of my beautiful friends there and to pick up my Dave Lepard "Miracle Video Coat" that was donated to me by Daves x girl the beautiful Katta and thx so must for the Lepard fam. for all ya love and support in my CrashDiet collecting and in my own clothing line SKV Clothing witch im also gonna get busy doing in 2012 so 2012 will be a busy year for me but also an interesting year cause i will be educating myself more and better on some areas so lots of shit will be happening and im also gonna start saveing money for the later Crash tour they will be booking up after the 4th album is comin out some time next year ill guess. And more new shit will be uploaded on www.69queenobscene.dk asap....till then be safe out there and thanx to all for ya help out there u know who u fuckers are .....Cant wait to get this holiday - a full week - going to Ireland man its gonna be so good to get away from it all.....


Whats New In My Crash Universe.... Well..... July 7th 2011

Yeah whats new in my little world of Crashdiet... well ive seen the boys close to 10 times this year so far and had plans to go to Austia for the BURN OUT FESTIVAL on the 16th but other Crash stuff has blocked the way for me NOT going to see the boys live this summer ...i know sad but true ! Some of the other offers has been some way cool stuff from the boys upcomin Australia tour in October there are some cool items but there is more than just that for me that has been offered. I hope tobe the one to get most of these items in hand in the end. ... Then as all know when they played at the famous Sweden Rock Festival the Sweet black /yellow guitar that he smashed will be set up for aution some day dont know when that will be but i could believe it will come up when the upcoming SRF dvd is gonna be released sometime maybe end of this autum or next year dont know!!! But heres a few pixx of that guitar for us that were not at the show sadly....And then a friend of mine that has some stuff from when they where on the Dark Decadence Tour has some cool items from Argentina. That tuff is also wanted so I have now payed that out as well...so waiting for some new stuff that will be updated in end of July start of August I guess and one HUGE item witch is this beautyful one.

This was the one that Mr Dave Lepard used when they filmed the video for the " Miracle" track back in 2005 and l belive that he as well used it on a few live gigs aswell not sure ...But since ive saw this the first time i said to myself that i would love to get this added to the collection if possible - I said that i would love to own something personal from Dave someday somehow just not sure when and now this offer has come to me and i have accepted the offer dont ask me the price WONT SAY how much or from whom. l just guess that im a loved and respected friend and fan of the person(s) and of the band CrashDiet!. I wish i could afford the trip to go see em in Australia on their first tour down under but guess they will make an new tour shirt for that tour since they did it for the Crashdiet/Houston UK tour but can only hope that they dont ha ha ha since i have have so much cool things of Crash that i can invest in as some positive cool savings like money in the bank collectible items that there only was ever made one or two of world wide. Well i will keep ya all posted on whats happening and when asap as i get things in and hope to see ya all soon my fellow sleaze bags out there ...be safe.


New gig , town N place Norway 18th 2011............ June 20th 2011
This time im heading out for yet another Crashdiet gig and a bag full of memories and for me this was also in another place, country ....... thats right this time i was heading to Norway for my first gig there was kind of exited to see em in Norway and not Sweden as i am used to see em more or less only there..! Its been about a month since i saw Crashdiet live witch was in Karlshamn, Sweden and this time as said was the first time in Norway...stood up when the alarmclock went of with Motleys "Sick Love Song" took a shower and some breakfast and went out the door round 06.10 course had to catch the train from Roskilde to Cph Airport at 06.32AM so im off - landed at the airport round 07.30 so did the self checkin and got my boardingpass and went through secrurity check and found the gate that i wasgonna fly from The. plain was set to fly at 08.40 to Oslo Airport should land there 10.00. A week before i talked to my cousin Cecilie whom lives in Hønefoss and we talked of how life is in general and i said that i was comin to Norway for the Crashdiet and we agreed to meet up and we came around to that i could sleep at her place..!
When i arrived my cousins boyfriend picked me up at the airport and it took about a 45 min drive totheir home but a nice ride and i havent been in Norway for close to or more 30 years was nice to back there! l was so pleased to go see this gig with my friends in Crashdiet and i was told that they would drive me there it took bout 15 min to go from my cousins house so i was there bout 19 - 19.25 or soand when i came in the door they played Motley Crue´s behind the music dvd on a huge screen and crue posters on the wall... While standing there looking at the dvd Mr London came by and we shok hands and he asked me how im doing all good i said and Mr Simon came to and said hallo andexchanged a few words and they both seemed happy and after 10 min i Went upstairs and that was where Crashdiet was playing "So Alive " among a few others for their soundcheck so they all looked like they where ready to have a blast When Crash went on stage the clock was round 23.35 fuckin late but now was the time They started out with "Breakin The Chains" and all was good and Eric was wearring black n white makeup in his face something diffrent but cool when they came round to Riot - in the middle of the track and to the end simon´s guitar keept having this screamin sound and he got so fuckin pissed at the sound guy that he actually smashed his flying white V guitar into the stage floor and walked off stage for 5-6 min never seen him this pisssed. the guys went off stage to and for the rest of the gig Simon was NOT in a good mood at all but they did finish the gig and i was hoping to get something from the gig but after the freaking out from Mr Cruz didint belive that much that i would get anything at all but ive got london´s setlist and hahaha stole the calender event poster. Dont tell anyone. Well at their merchstand was a note that the guys would be out signing stuff 15 min after the gig but i waitet 10 min but after Simon was in a bad mood tI hink they cancelled that signing another thing that was a shame was that there was about less than a 100 people to the gig but fuck it i was there so. Suddently Mr Sweet saw me in the front row and said hi to me was good to see em live again. Sweet and london smiling every single time Sweet came over there when ever they both stood at London´s mikestand and Simon´s guitar was still laying on the stage untouched after Simon threw it down and even Sweet steeped on it once or twice. Simon even threw out his own mikestand to the crowd but got it back ...dont know but i would have done the same even though i had the idea of have keept it and for some reason i could see that Simon´s anger did that he sang the songs with full heart agression in a good way but sorry for him too do to the guy that fucked up his guitar sound for a full fuckin gig ...! Didnt have a cam this time but that was ok still have the memory in form of my diaries. Must say that this gig was among the best that ive seen due to what has happened ... Time went by and when they played "Rebel" Simon left the stage and drove his harley out among the crowed round the sound tec and backstage again and then they Rebeled themselves through the track. They only played "In The Raw" from the U.Revolution album little strange cause there are some good tunes on that record. And even Mr Sweet keept telling the sound guys that he was in need of a new mike cause his was gone and he said that 3-4 time but nothing happened at all. And somehow Simon picked one mike up at London´s side but London didnt know what and whos that was for so Simon threw it away ...was kind of a total caos suddently!! Simon jumped into the crowd and walked on stage and left fast after. Well the gig ended "finally" or should i say sadly but when they where done Eric came down and throw a set of sticks out and he and Simon left and only Sweet n London was standing there kind of with a laugh on their lips and bowed for the crowd and walked of. Kind of a funny gig that i wouldnt wanna be without im happy to say that cause ive said to myself Simon is really harsh - that his shit shall work 100% anything less NOT GOOD ENOUGH for him i think. A good thing is that the ticket my cousin had for this gig had another look to it than the one ive got so thats good l guess! and every time i see London´s pink porno bass i tell myself that i would love to own that one some day but guess that will only be the dream in my head. But hey there are some thing that i also would like to get my hands on and ad to my collection one day and that was used on the show at Sweden Rock Festival june 8th 2011 and that will be an item that is used on the dvd that they will be releasing sometime in the winter i guess...London told me that that item they will be setting up for auction someday at the site but dont know when and other cool stuff is set to be released if what Martin told me at the show backstage in Copenhagen when i met the guys there in april. A few weeks ago i found out that i have saved all my travel tickets from many Crash gigs round europe so im gonna do a scrapbook with notes and all the tickets in so im gonna sit down some day and do that start of my book. And some day i will try to hear the boys to write a note out to the website a personal note but time will tell if that will be something to get. Cant wait to see what will come to me next well new shit has been updated on the site www.69queenobscene.dk and new promocards will be in the making asap as well. And new stuff too will be added asap. Was able to met some new people friends of my dear cousin in Norway Lasse thax for so much fun gotta do it again dude and to Stein thax for everything!? Hope to see ya all soon. Ohhhh gotta tell ya this as many of ya may know by now my SKV CLOTHING line well did was able to get the beautyful Share Ross to wear one of my shirts on her Rock n Roll TV NEWS show for the 3.28 min and here is the clip so enjoy Diet freaks and god bless....

Crashdiet Rocks out in Karlshamn A Night Of Horror May 14th 2011

Yet another gig to go to with the Swedish gang of Crashdiet and yet again Sweden was the destination for a gig in Karlshamn a night of horror this time well the 13th and ill guess that this was the week that this city was holding the cityfest cause there was all kinds of banners and so on kind of a small town i think but fuck that i was there so had booked myself into a hotel room for the night so that was ok. Well checked myself in round 16.00 hours and half an hour after i arrived to the town took about little over 3 and a half hours from my front door till i was in Karlshamn so thats not bad. Took bout 15 minutes from the train station to the hotel so. Well checked myself in round 16.00 hours and took bout 2 hours of rest at the hotel room before i went off to the gig and i took 20-25 minutes to walk there so wasnt bad and wasnt that hard to find this was the gig that was suposed to have been done weeks ago but did it now and even said back then that i was going to it and now im here.

I was looking around for any kind of event posters but there was nothing to find at all ...Fuck but hey cant get everything all the time and im happy to get the setlist if anything at all and went by and there was two small unknown bands playing before Crashdiet non ive know of but pretty much sucked anyway...Crash went on stage round 21.30 and played for bout one hour and was quiet good gig and was upfront as i used to be each time.

When Crash was done playing i stood around for bout 30 minutes after and was lucky enough to get my hands on Londons setlist and then back to the room. Went by the merch stand and said hallo to the new guy and there was nothing new merch that i was missing apart from this kind of a promo postcard a B/W picture and asked how much and the dude was kind of nice and handed me one for free ...Thx dude he said here u go for you dude cause its my guess that the guy knew who i was through the band or something. Went for a walk through the street in the center of the city just to see if i was missing and windows for the crash poster well no nothing to see but did find a small store where they sell magazines and all kind of other shit had to go there for a look tomorrow just to see if there was any mags that there was with Crash or Crue in.

Went back to the hotelroom for a a lay back stroll before going to sleep and saw some tv there was a movie on one of there swedish tv channels that i saw before i went to sleep it was ...fuck cant remember well i have seen this many times before butt felt asleep round 00.30 or some where close by there and had to get up for breakfast round 09.00 do to get some food before i went home again took a few pictures of the hotel room and the front of the hotel and went by the mag store to pick up a few mags for my brother as that helt some Crue stuff in some of em.

Took the train from karlshamn at 10.32 am.
Know that this is a short diary but nothing much to write bout here this time apart from that it was another Crash gig town and stuff like that but always good to get out there. Next time its Norway that stands out in June 18th ...so beware my dear fellow norwegains gonna stay at my cousins place for that one cant wait to see her again be far to long and i have not been up there for 25 years or more year keep you posted on whats happining in the mean time and the site will be updated within hours from now. Till next time ...Sleeze it up fuckers.....
My First Scandinavia Tour With Crashdiet Ever ...
Munich April 11th 2011 .... April 17th 2011
Time is here once again and this time its very diffrent cause this time around its not only one fuckin gig with the gang of CrashDiet ... but whole 4 gigs this week and first time ever outside of Sweden n Denmark it was time to hit the airport for the first time to fly out and down to Munich, Germany April 11th where someone already was waiting for me. Well was set to take the plane from Copenhagen Airport at 14.40 and set foot on German ground at 17.00 i did round 30 min delaid and had to take the train to Munich city Central Station where i waited for 10-20 min cause i didint know where the hotel me and my girl was staying so finealy found it and had to check myself in we lived at the 4th floor room 411 when i had checked myself in the receptionist called our room to tell that Mr Olsson has arrived ...now WTF like i was suddently fuckin married to her. I came up and told her that her husbend has arrived we joked round on that even the way hom lol, FUCK there she was ...missed her so fuckin much!!!We dressed up and took the tramp citytrain down to where it was held at a place called BACKSTAGE half out in door stage kind of cool and we came all the way up front as we wanted to in time for Crashdiet whom started it all and then Hardcore Supperstar and 69Eyes ended the night with a bang my first gig with the 69Eyes they rocked man..!
l had to find a good record store cause i needed to get my hands on the new Hardcore Cd " Split Your Lip" took some time but we did find one and did get myself some cds with Hardcore , Vince Neil , Dokken and Chania. We saw Crashdiet and had some few beers under the show and one after did get my hands on a flyer and the calender poster from the place witch will be added on the site along with Martin Sweet used white stage towel. Also got the set list from 69Eyes for my girl but did get my hands on a Vic Zeno guitar pick as well thx Vic for that.! We took a little live picks from all 3 bands as a souveneir. The concert was close to 3-4 hours with stage changes and all and then we went home both tired her more than me so was fuckin good to lay down for a change. We had a whole 3 days down n Munich it was a great feeling to get out there and not fuckin stress round in ya boring daily routeens back home. And we did some things that we wanted to take time for as we walked round the beautiful city of Munich. Think that we did made time to go to all the places that we wanted to go to. We were going out on Thuesday night to eat at a mexican restaurent was really good food and had a ice cold beer to the dinner we did have some beers down there, there was and nightbar downstairs where there were cheep beers every night...! When i arrived to Munich there was a sunny day and warm and in those 3 days we had summer and rain also snow!!?? Well it was closing in on a Thursday time to pack up Wednesday night - so all said and done cause we had to get up round 05.15 Thursday morning to get ready and catch the train to Munich airport cause it took bout 45 minutes one way so we had to be there least two hours before take off so went through security check and got our boarding pass and waited round for departure. Tonight when l get back into Copenhagen i had my second gig with Crashdiets Dark decadence Tour got to the plane and i slept for the 75 min it took to fly home sat down to wait for the baggage to come off the plane so we could go home ... she went home to Malmoe and i back to Roskilde we kissed goodbye and off to the train and home to get a shower was desperately in need of one.

l came home to my beloved home sweet home round 13.00 hours and there was my brother his girl and his friend from Ireland Billy whom came over for the Rock The Night event that Crashdiet, 69Eyes and Hardcore Supperstar was on the bill.... sadly Hardcore has cancelled due to Jocke from Hardcore did get some serious singin problems so many was dissapointed on that so we hope that Hardcore will return for The Rock some day. A friend of mine Ken whom also wanted to join us for this came down to my place and we drank some beers and got some food before we went our way to this RTN we came and was exited to see Crash even though it only has been 3 days since my last gig in Munich. Well went backstage where the guys where at least Martin and Simon had some Crashdiet beers for em and talked breefly and Martin said we talk after the gig sure thing dude off i went...they came on stage and good to see em as always and i was upfront and they played a little over an hour and Eric spotted me in the crowed and when they where done he came down and gave me one of the two drumsticks he threw out to the crowd and that was the only thing i got from that gig apart from the two flyers and event poster. Went back downto the backstage area right as the 69Eyes had played their first track or two to talk to the guys sat there for little over an our and talked to Martin ,Simon and London on some personal things and whats going to be released from em in the future ...and he told me something bout new limated collectible items so looking forward to that ....!Dont want to say what we talked bout just yet cause dont want to get in trouble with the boys for saying something that clearly should not have been said here and now but keep looking in on www.crashdiet.org for be updated there on stuff.

Well said goodbye to the boys left them for their privacy before they were gonna leave round 02.00 l did get the chance to meet the 69 EYES guys at the rock that night briefly took some pics with em cool enough. Met my new friend Charlie whom she really dig the 69EYES so helped her get some pics with the boys and along talked to Magnus of Starrats and his girl Celina ree bout some SKV CLOTHING stuff that they will like to do with SKV but was good to see em again both of ya and meet other good friends and so of mine from DK and Malmo all in all and other great nite out town and round 02.00 or little over it was time for us to go home so we went on our way. At this point I had become a little drunk but not much other had to go home and sleep cause yet another gig was in store for me this time in Gothenburg @ the LisebergHallen my first time there so came home round 03.00 hours and had to get up at 11 to get the train from Roskilde at 12.00 to catch the bus ride from Copenhagen to Gothenburg witch took bout 4 and a half hour so sleep for the 4 of em was tired didnt sleep from when we landed in CPH Airport the day before....... Thx to all my friends i have met here hope to see ya all soon.
LisebergHallen , Gothenburg April 15th 2011
Woke up after the first 4 hours of the bus trip witch started at 13.00 from Copenhagen and was arriving at the Nils Ericson Terminal at 17.20 but was there 45 mins latter so had no freakin idea of where the fuck the venue was so followed along with some guys that were going too - nice guys. Shortly after i came into the venue i saw my good friend Dany Thunder it was good to see him again been awhile since last time we met up it was time for yet again to see Crashdiet for the 3rd time this week never done that before. And that was a very ok gig they did here in Gothenburg. I was able to get my hands on a guitar pick from Simon and that was it from that gig but hey souveniers from the first 3 gigs in a week thats alright even though i do have a hand ful of the guitarpicks but still happy to get some. And this time it was Hardcore that ended the Night in GothenBurg it is their hometown. Dany asked me if i shoud go along to the official Hardcore Supperstar after party at the Restaurang Trådgården so first i said dont think so but we`ll see what happens after the gig my plan was to get a place to sleep but under the concert i met yet some other good friends of mine Freddie and Manx of Gothenburg own BABY JANE they came up and said hallo people do remember me for something good i hope at least they say so what can ya do other that trust em and l do. Cool to see the BJ boys again and after the 3 gig was done i went off and freedie of BJ called me over and also asked me if i was going to the official Hardcore after party well fuck it i said all 3 bands was gonna come why not hey might meet up with other friends from sweden. To get in to this party you had to give up ya original concert ticket fuck but i did that and sure thing all of the 69EYES, Eric of Crashdiet Vic, Jocke and Martin of Hardcore was there along with old roadcrew of Crash and some of the new once. I talked to Jocke bout what happened with his vocals since they cancelled the Copenhagen gig and he gladly told me in person so holy fuck that could have ended very bad for him but glad it ended they way it did for ya bro good luck with it man ...he asked me if i drank jagermaister witch i guess that they where the big sponsor for this party and i said yes so Jocke handed me 4 shotcards for jagermeister and one for a free carlsberg beer and we said cheers in champange and still have one of each of these free ticket shots n beers saved em for memories from that night...thx Jocke. Didint take any live pics from the show here in Gothenburg battery on camera way down so sorry Hung out with Freddie of Baby Jane for some time and he to told me some stuff that i dont think that many knows and he also told me that he will help promote SKV CLOTHING and he dig what i do thx for them kind words brother cant wait to hear the next BJ rec send me a copy. Well at the afterparty i meet an old guy from the Crash crew Calle he was sitting there with Mr Viic Zeno from the Core got some pics taken with some of the stars there for ya to enjoy along with my friend dany enjoy em here...


Soon i ended up talking to this new guy from the Crash crew he gave me a guitar pick as well so 2 picks from the Gothenburg gig he told me that the boys have told him bout me "that we have this really crazy guy from Denmark that is following us every now and then "wow nice to know that they are happy to have me around as much as i can! And he told me stuff too that i do not want to get in on here but fuckin eyy wow this was my first meeting with him i cant believe he would tell me these things. Right now i can not wait to hear from you and thx for taking the time to talk to me man. The time was closeing in on 04.00 in the morning on this Saturday and i had to get down to the train station to see if i could get some few hours of sleep before the next bus trip that headed to Stockholm for the last stop of the Dark Decadence Tour 2011 Feat. Hardcore Supperstar - CrashDiet and 69EYES. On my way out i stopped and asked the door man if i could have my ticket stub back and he handed it over to me one to bring back as a memory. It is now included in the ticket section. Thanks to all ive met in Gothenburg old and new friends hope to see ya soon again soon. Stockholm, Sweden April 16th 2011 - Last Show On Tour
Last big trip before the end is near of the tour for me and the Dark Decadence Tour. On the next bus trip from here Gothenberg ...Cya. Time was set to be on a bus for 6 an half hours slept for 5 of em but no deep sleep at all on this tour trip set of from Gothenburg at 10.00 and should arrive in Stockholm at 16.30. And this place The Circus here in Stockholm didnt know where it was but it turned out that it was close to places that has this name but had to take a cap there so... well i arrived there and close after me the gang of 69EYES came and Crash was playing their soundcheck. l had a little food and soft drinks non alcohol once today. l was really hoping for the front row and this time 69 started it all and Crash as second Hardcore ended it. l didnt get anything from this gig of any kind just the music but hey thats cool. Saw 69 and Crash upfront and then went back and saw Hardcore from the back and suddently within 30 - 40 min this guy came on stage and talked for a couple of minutes and in Sweden there had been an audience vote on catagory for best swedish band 2011 and the winner was HARDCORE SUPPERSTAR so congrats boys on that note. And the energy from all 3 acts said it all they must have had one hell of a party after its done and closed here at The Circus but i didnt stay round to find out.
l must say that when Crash gave what they had left in em after this 3 and a half weeks intensive tour round Europe and Scandinavia they really kicked ass but so did 69EYES and Hardcore and Crash did play for an hour l guess didnt time it - Cool enough for me and all others that was there for them. Sorry no pics from this gig at all folks didnt have a cam with me .... for me its ok and yet again meet some friends here to Andre and sadly didint some of the others that i knew was comin to it and Dany coulindt make to this one ...sorry you missed this D man was awsome fest. But did say hallo to Mr Rod from Gemini Five good to see ya dude. l hear most say that when it came down to the last track of the tour " We Dont cellebrate Sundays" all members from 69EYES and Crashdiet came on stage and partiéd like crazy for that 4 minutes it took and Adde´s leatherpants said stop so he riped em up and threw pieces out to the crowed.
Standing in line for my shit in the wardrope i briefly said hallo to members of another band i know from Sweden too. Well the next step for the band is time off for 10 days and then its these 6 shows in The UK along with the band HUSTON and if ya go to the crashdiet block you can see the picture of the 2011 crash beer that Martin has set up there im willing to sell have 10 of em left in the world. Must say that i have been enjoyed these 7 days of rock n roll in Germany , Denmark and Sweden. More new stuff will be added to my website 69queenobscene.dk very soon and huge thanx to all the people ive spend time with and met along the way. To the new upcomin friends hope to see ya soon out there with more Rock N Roll fans a fast CrashDiet to the underground....... A huge thanx to all my friends that ive spend time with and meet up with on this Dark Decadence Tour 2011. Hope to see you all soon again.....Love u All.! And thnx to Crashdiet - Hardcore Supperstar and 69 EYES for some kick ass times one of my best weeks to date. 69Queenobscene.dk

UK TOUR WITH HOUSTON 29/04 Yardbirds, Grimsby 30/04 Rock city, Nottingham 01/05 02 ABC, Glasgow
02/05 Club WNI, Wigan 03/05 02 Academy, Bristol 04/05 02 Academy, Islington, London

First Stop On New Tour Uppsala 11th March 15th 2011
Starting of with a new European tour with Crashdiet and first gig was this Friday March 11th in Uppsala , sweden. Woke up round 10.30AM on that Friday morning packed and ready to hit this. Went my way to the station here in Roskilde to go to Copenhagen with the train from here at 12.30PM and when I arrived at Copenhagen Central i got myself something to eat and drink before taking the train to CPH Airport you see im yet again flying to stockholm this time. Had about an hour to kill in the Airport before boarding the plane that was set to fly at 3.15PM off to Arlanda Airport. I was quiet happy this time didnt have anything to carry around this time apart from the digi camera i had on me. Well this Friday was kind of cool course i was off to Uppsala to see my favorite band live in Sweden and also this Friday something else cause you see there was a gold award arriving at my brothers place and this was their first gold award they ever got and its the tittle of "Breakin The Chainz" single for more that 10.000 sold copies of. You can check it out on the collection page.
The time i arrived in Uppsala was 5.45PM on that Friday. I had talked to Lisbeth of the Lepardstore that when i came to Uppsala i could come there and we could go there together cause i didnt know where the fuck this Flustret was but it looked like something out of a Disney movie. And again she told me some stories from the bands early past and she told me that the first album Rest In Sleaze was put out as an vinyl only 1000 copies made and i didnt knew that would love to get that some day. Fredz Crimson from swedish glam act Dirty Lashes come around with other member of the band and Lisbeth told me that P. London would drop by the store before the tonites gig with some of Crash merch shes going to sell at the store and then London, Martin and Simon showed up after an hour or so once again met em and this gig was their first EVER played in Uppsala cause David didnt wanna play there for different reasons i was told some of em. I asked Simon bout his tshirt that he uses in the song Generation Wild track on stage he has his own show onstage where he gets tortured onstage like in the video and these white tshirts are filled with blood and ive asked Simon if i could buy the one from tonights gig? He seems to have saved em all and signed date and town on the back and maybe be actioning them off someday. l told him just send me a mail London and Eric has it so just do that ...lol would be cool to have those in the collection as well.

l talked to Lisbeth when we walked down to the Flustret i would love to come back for an hole weekend to see the places and all where it all started out and she could be my guide for that. For today there was no Crashdiet gig poster for this gig but something else. There were two other posters holding their name i asked if i could get these two posters i gave him my email and we´ll see what happens on tnat ihope it will be a yes for it. Only got the new Crash beanie hat and got at set of Erics drumsticks and Simons bloody towel and a setlist...so im happy and that will be online asap. So look n on this the www.69queenobscene.dk site and look for it Saturday. I did get my hands on the Crash ,Hardcore and 69 eyes gig poster for Gothenburg n Stockholm show its online and l hope to get the rest of the new off. merch covered from this tour. There are a few items that needs to be covered such as their drinkin Acessories and the new Crash f... Diet white shirt and the beercoster. And when they did the track Chemical the smeer themself in a gloving yellow-green substance nice little effect to it. Think i took a few ok good shots of Simon with that. Well the new tour thats comin up with Crashdiet - Hardcore Superstar and 69 Eyes. I have never seen 69Eyes live before so l guess that im kind in for a treat there from what i hear. So well see. l hope to see some of all my swedish friends out there ...Till then be safe. So till next time Sleaze The Shit Up.

The LepardStore , Uppsala , Sweden Jan. 25th 2011

Hallow there everybody...hope you all are allright out there .... havent been in here for quiet some time now so l guess that it was time to pick up some words to write to ya all. I went to the Grand opening of the LEPARDSTORE in Uppsala sweden here Thuesday 25th of January 2011. Went straight after i came home from work Monday night so didnt get any sleep til l got home Wednesday noon apart from the hour on the plane to Stockholm. Been hearing that Mr Peter London should give an acustic set of his Alter Egon solo band. So i really had some good feeling bout this but it got to my ear that London was there to on Saturday and there for NOT to do it on Tuesday so didnt get to meet London for that at this time. But here is some few pictures from that saturday hope ya enjoy....

Now that i was going and out of my way i did bring some SKV merch for Lisbeth to sell at the store she did asked me if i would have it in the store so sure ... Thanx again Lisbeth for doing this! So since i was going i had an idea to meet up with with Mr Flodiz and his new band HE`S A KILLER whom i drew the band logo to so that will be an official band logo for all their merch. Well we did meet up round 18.00 hours at the LepardStore and then we drove to their rehearsal studio and talked. And some few songs so that i got an idea of what im gonna sponsor of a band in the long run. You can find em on facebook - and did get to spend some time with Flodiz and Kjell til round midnight and Flodiz til 03.30 when l took the buss to Stockhlm Alanda Airport again on Wednesday morning where I had to fly off from at 08.40 to Denmark But was nice to get out of denmark for some time even tho it was 24 hours but hope to soon get more trips to Uppsala and soon. There were alot of people that i would love to have met there this time round like Fredz Crimson´s new band Dirty L... but did say hey to Fredz good to see him again! When i finally showed up at the doorstep to Lepard store Lisbeth was there and total surpriced of me comin to the opening of the store but had to see it at least once so i did and honsetly nothin new to me we have the same kind of store in Roskilde just another name but same style... but Uppsala did not have anything like this so thats the first store in that home town of Mr Dave Lepard.... and ill wish her the best. Otherwise im laying low profile these days on some stuff but right now there are two new shirts and the drinking merch that im missing of the official Crashdiet merch so that will be covered asap so that im up to date on that as well and now there are this huge European tour they are going on with 69Eyes and Hardcore Superstar. Also i dont know why the boys NEVER put up all the solo stuff that they are doing on their website so that the fans can have a chance to cover those pleasures to support the band there as well. It is a shame that they dont put all these things up there like when Simon recorded the track with Gemini Five and he sang backgr. voc on their best off cd last year and London in the Lepardstore when M Sweet was on tour back in 2008-09 with Gemini Five and Eric and London was dj´ing at some gigs !! Well to all that i didint see this time in sweden see ya ssoon....

Diary 2010

Christmas came early this year..... In Malmo.... dec 15th 2010
It all came around in early November on the Official CrashDiet website that they have 4 gigs here in December round christmas time and the closest to me was KB,Malmo Sweden Dec. 10th 2010 so i asked a good friend of mine whom lives in Malmo Mats .... he was going to this and i asked him if he could get me and my brother tickets too and he did - bought, as kindly as he is. Thought that there was way to long to Dec. 10th and it had been 3 months since i last saw the Crashers live on stage and that was in Sweden too, at the "Close Up Boat" so it was time to see em again and had asked some of the friends round the small Europe but no one were going so then i asked my older brother Tommy Lee and he said yes to be going with me finally someone to go with and kind of cool that my bro would cause it has been feeling like ages since me and him has been to one together just the two of us...Thnx bro. Well borrowed my sister inlaws camera yet again she is so helpfull thnx again Tine. The bill was swedish bands such as Nasty Idols - CrashDiet and Dirty Passion whom upened the show but we didnt see em and the N.I. came up we did see them and then my christmas came up CRASHDIET....God Damn??!!
So the day came around and had ticket for this gig but didint have the day off so the day before i got switched workin day so i got Friday off so that we could go to Malmoe.... we or i had talked to Mats about meeting up with him around 17.30-18.00 but my brothers buss fucked up and got delayed due to the weather conditions so we landed in Malmoe round 18.15 or so and took a cap to Mats´place and the new Hardcore Superstar CD was cranking the airways and we had a few beers and Jagermeister shots before we went to the gig and got upfront at Mr Martin Sweets side of the stage. Felt strange not seeing their tour manager Mr Fredric anywhere think that this is the first time i havent seen him at one of their gigs. Oh well something came up I am sure on his part? Yet again the gang had new merchandise. 3 new hoodies and 4 tees that i was still missing of their official merch and i didnt have the money for it all this time ...fuck ...but did buy the 4 shirts and my brother came to rescue and bought the 3 hoodies for me so im now only missing the beer coster and beer glasses but that soon will be in the collection as well. Think i have all the official merch since 2007 with Olli. Said to myself that this time i would have the setlist from this gig and will try to get the eventposter too so i did and even two of the new black guitar picks one from Simon and one of Martins. For the first time in a while they played the last track of the Unatracktive cd and Martin sang this tune live did that ok and they tried something new to they played "Beautiful Pain" for the second time and it worked good live i think. So hopefully they will try that again they even tried out the act from the "Generation ..." video where Simon got abused ....there was this girl that came on stage and cut Mr Simon whom was chained to a chair and she cut him, stabbed him 5 times with a knife before he fell off the chair and she even slapped him a few time too and cut him with a chainsaw in the stumic. This was before the played their last track "G.Wild".

Did meet up with some old friends from 2005 and we talked for about a few hours and was kindly good to see em again it has been a while ...and met Simon whom i told that i would love to own the white shirt that he performed in on the "G.Wild" track that has blood all over it ...and did say hallo to Eric to but was shortly but ok. Did also meet Mr Andy P. and Rikki Dall of Nasty and even Mr Vic Zeno of HCSS was there. And my good buddy Sleezy too he invited me to a party but never got around to go so ...Also did get the chance to talk to the girl that abused Simon and it seems that the G.Wild act will be something they will do every now an then gave her my email and my Crashdiet website address and told her to check it out and let me know what she thinks of it.! Well it was good to see em live again or should i say its still not the best gig ive seen that was still the one they did in Helsingborg on their summer park tour w. bullet!! And must say that the new guy that sells their merch on tour seems like a cool guy we have begun saying hallo to each other when we see each other and the boys have gotton themselves some new members to the roadcrew that i dont know yet but maybe someday they too will know who the fuck i am - in 2011!? Also the ratpunk Magnus of Starrats was tere with his love Mrs Celina Ree who asked me how the SKV was going and thnx for the interest Cee ...love these two people ...Have also thought of what the Crashdiet boys will do for their 2011 tour and where will they play is it gonna be the same ol same ol or will they go for new countries and cities ? Ohh by the way a happy bday to Mr Nikki Sixx whom had his birthday on dec 10th .... There will be happening some new shit next year for the crash boys in the merch line as i was told but what it will be not sure yet but looking forward to see what will be happening in 2011 .....And then im gonna order the beer coster and glasses witch is the only off merch that im missing so far ....! Well here are a few shots from the past Crashdiet gig in KB Malmo dec 10th ..........hope ya enjoy em as much as i did take em there are a few that i think some will blow up for poster size and then get signed by the mermber!! Would love to go to the Sticky Fingers gig this comin Saturday but have to work there too ..god damn but just want to say to the boys .... Eric ,Simon, London and Martin thank you so fucking much for a crazy 2010 on the road and hope to be seeing you soon and at even many more gigs in 2011. With you around ive had a blast at each show and thanx for the time you all took to speak to me and sign all the crazy stuff that i have had with me i am very thankful for everything you have all done for me and as well to you Fredric!? I wish ya all the best for 2011 and hope ya all have a Merry Christmas and an even better New Year thnx a mill for this one and hope to see ya all out there in the new sooner than i hope for .... Thanx and god bless ya alll!

The Christmas Tour 2010.... Nov. 12th 2010
Well seems like im standing still on the diary thing here on my website the reason is that as u all may know im in the process of working my ass of with my SKV CLOTHING line and has alot going there ... with Crashdiet l have been seeing them live - 8 shows this year and now they have set up an handfull of December gigs in Sweden and also new added for 2011 already its good and the gigs are the following dates so far booked: 2010 ; 03/12 Högfjällshotellet, Sälen [SWE] 10/12 KB, Malmö [SWE] 17/12 Night shift, Karlskoga [SWE] 18/12 Sticky fingers, Göteborg [SWE]

2011; 28/01 Stadshuset (källarbaren), Sundsvall [SWE] 29/01 Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad [SWE] 05/02 Bellevueparken, karlshamn [SWE] 25/02 Country Club, Åre [SWE] 15/07 Bang your head festival [GER]

l was planning of goin to cellebrate my New Years eve in Sweden this year but i would really like to see the Crash gang once more in 2010 and since they have booked these few new 2010 shows ill pas on the new year in Sweden with my beloved friends there sorry sinnerz. I have my good friend Mats from Malmoe getting tickets for him ,me and my brother to the Malmoe gig December 10th. Whats new in my world of Crashdiet? l have been getting offers on some very nice items and been saying yes to take em otherwise they would have been set up for auction on eBay ..but these few items never made it so far they will be send to me and will be online within a 2-4 weeks from now. Other wise there will be released some official merch from the boys next year and its not jusk their Crash clothing but cant tell ya what. But for me i cant wait and cant tell ya where i have this news from. Also Lisbeth Hellmann has been asking for wishes´for us fans of bands to see for the 2011 Rest In Sleaze Fest in Sweden this has been up on the off www.rest-in-sleazefest.com

Just hope she has some cool up her sleeve on bands but will see what will be booked when time is near and the date as far as i remember will be on Dave´s birthday May 28th but only Lisbeth knows that. so send her an email or go to her facebook or ris site and give her some cool ideas on bands she can try to get comin. For me - i have an idea for her to a tshirt and would like to go there and maybe try to see if i can get a green light to sell my SKV merch there for the 3rd time but its up to her. But if i get a green light to come sell then l might do my idea for the shirt l have.

January 1st l have to get money so i can get the last new japanese Crash solo posters that ive been offered in September this year but its been a hell on a ride money wise for me this year so for the rest of the year im taking it slow only have the christmas pressents to get by and then try to get to the Gothenburg Crash gig and then thats the end of 2010....for me. But l hope that for 2011 it will take me even higher than 2010 has been. I think that l have had one big year with alot of things done for me ,myself and i !!! l know now that there are a lot to look forward to in 2011 and my goal is to get it done .. and all of it!? l have been thinkin of maybe doing an 69queenobscene.dk webshirt and sell out of but its only an idea so far nothing is set and done on that have so much and many ideas for my SKV CLOTHING line that i also want to get done for that and then the collecting on the buys so...we´ll see what the new year will bring to my door step. My soul tells me that 2011 will be a big year for me in many ways ..... But for now there are things that im exspecting in the post so looking forward to get those and get them online but will take time but be patient. Untill next time hope ya all are doing well and be safe till next time dont forget to sleaze this shit up...!?

Ten ticket tour 2010 ...... Oct. 16th 2010
Its been awhile since ive been in here writing something. Its Oct 16th 2010 and it 05:43 on a Saturday morning and just got home from my night work. And i was thinkin of how many times ive got to see CrashDiet here this year and as far as i could count 10 times its been maybe one or two more well thats close to one gig a month thats pretty good for a little snotnoose kid as me. I have been seeing lately that the boys have done an Argentina tour shirt only for that tour a new dark blue one well as i heard it was sold out but hopefally im gonna get lucky to get one or two for my collection ... otherwise there are only one new redish girl shirt that im missing out then im having all the official merch they have been putting out there since Mr Simon Cruz joined the force. And ive also been told that the uk gig in London on the 14th went quiet good been talking to a fan by name Alex brownlee from London he went to see it and he was kind enough to send me the file of the official tour poster/flyer from the London gig so im gonna see if i can get printed out and im waiteing for some flyers from the Argentina gig from Sep. 30th 2010 have some friends around Europe and stuff that is kindly nice enough to help me out there on stuff so Thnx everyone.

The website has been updated with a few new items incl. the London ticket witch i bought from someone that was unable to go to the gig after all so glad that i at least have the ticket added for the collection. Must say that ive been gettin alot of stuff added to the collection this year and more is to come .... Me and german girl Ivi have been talking of going to see CrashDiet next year in germany if they are going there so hopefully we will get this trip brought to life but we will see for their 2011 tour list when that is starting to get developed. The latest issue of japanese magazine BURRN has an article in it on the gang so im waiting for that to arrive in the post from a good friend in the us. Have been thinking of doing an CrashDiet fan site shirt for my 69queenobscene.dk but lets see what the time brings on that part. Once in awhile i have been thinkin of if there really is other diehard CrashDiet fans-collectors like me out there or if people just talkin shit of yea they are huge fans but maybe they are huge fans but only of their music not evrything that are in the crash box as really spending money on all kinds of really collectible items such as their used drums, guitars and stuff like that ...No dont think there is so maybe i do NOT have any to fight with on CrashDiet items out there. And the only thing that there is to say to that is ...its a lifestyle and god fuckin damn expensive as hell if ya really wonna dig into evrything that there is to get and get the personal stuff that has been owned by the band and believe me ive been in this for 20 years of collecting.

Well i told myself that l might not get to see the guys live anymore this year and if thats the truth then a big thnx to Simon , Eric, Sweet, London and freddy for so very good times and stories that you have shared with me when we have met its been a joyride for me and hope ya have been having fun having me hanging around. And thnx to all the friends for having me around as well and to all the new once ive met hope to see u all just as much on a new Crash native nature tour 2011 !? Cant wait to see what they have in store for 2011 merch wise stagewise and are they gonna go bigger with stage bombs pyro, fireworks and other things who knows could be great hope they will take another step up and do some cool stuff for the new year or maybe do a new years gig in Sweden last time we in small Denmark had the pleasure of cellebrating 2009/10 with the gang and what a show!!? Remember i told London that they should do an new years eve shirt for that gig and they did that was the show that i had the pleasure of takein Eric´s drumkit home after he used it at the gig....man still cant belive that ive got it here in my warm basement! And i followed the guys to their hotel that night and then took back partying with my other friends at The Rock!

2011 that year will be something big for me i know that by now. In many ways and hope that it also will be a fucking good one too. Meani ng i have alot planed for 2011 so just hope it also will bring joy as much as 2010 has done for me ...and have been thinkin of what to do for new years eve this comin dec 31st could be cool to go to Uppsala and visit Daves grave once again and stay there for new years and come home a few days later just to try something fuckin diffrent than stay here in Roskilde and as it seems im off work that weekend that new years fallin. Or tell some of my swedish friends to come here havent desided yet but we´ll see ...even though that that day/night hasnt said that much to me for many years as Christmas does ..love christmas. But maybe going to see Daves grave once again and just to get away for a few days ....Well i will keep ya all posted of whats going to happen in my world of a CrashDiet .....Till then be safe and keep ya noses clean and ...... Sleaze this shit up!!!!!
New Chemical Tour Ended ..... sep 15th 2010
This trip was incl. two new Crashdiet gigs something hectic to look forward to and the first one was the support gig for Mr. Ozzy Ozbourne in Globen ,Stockholm. I was staying at a friends house on the day of the Ozzy / Crashdiet and we had to meet up with The Lepard familly for a snack before the gig and was so good to see em all again. Crashdiet was planned to go on stage at 19.20 they did hit the stage ten minutes later and most say that for some reason i could see that something was not right either they had a bad day or they where fuckin nervous and it turned out to that they were nervous as hell ..... The Ozzy show was really good he had alot of energy and the hole band was in a good mood and was having a great time so it was fucking good to see him this way... He played around for a close to 2 hours an 10 min. so it was a long gig and i was in front row and in the left side of the stage so i could see everything. Before i left home for this trip i was getting a mail from my new friend that i have seen opening for Crashdiet on their summer tour he plays in a bands like Casablanca and Roxi 77 his name is Ryan Roxi and thanx dude for the invitation to the vip afterparty for CrashDiet in Stockholm at The Opra. That was looking like nothing much from the outside but when ya got in damn looked good and expensive as hell and it was !!!

We did go to the party with the gang of Crash ,Ryan Roxi and out of the fuckin blue the band of Ozzy walked in so didnt expect that so got to sat hallo and hang out with his band to man....They were really nice guys they did take the time to talk to everybody and signed alot of autographs all in all a good afterparty and Simon seemed to be in a great mood at the afterparty so was so good to see em again and for the afterparty i invited my friend Annika. Their tour manager of Crashdiet Fredrik gave me a promo sticker so thank you buddy and thanx for a great time yet again !? And thnx again to Mr. Ryan Roxi for the invitation to the party check his band out Roxi 77 at www.roxi77.com !!!!

Did get to meet up some other friends ive got in sweden also rockstars and it was good to see em again and damn they were so wasted. We got home around 3.30 - 4.00 in the morning went straight to bed and the day after Annika was suposed to meet up with some of her friends but she did not have a great day after so she cancelled her meeting and we just stayed in for the day and on Thursday i was yet again going to me second Crashdiet show that week and the last. Well the line up for the event was a girly band i do not dig at all and the rest was really trashmetal witch is not music to me at all so it sucked big time but did meet up with some friends of mine and one of em had her boyfriend with her so meet him for the first time ... It was time to get out of bed next morning - to be ready for the crashdiet gig they got on stage at 13.45 and played for close to 45 min. so it was good to be there and must say that the best gig ive seen so far from the Generation Wild tour is the Helsingborg gig they did on Aug. 7th 2010.

l had brought two posters that i would love to get signed but for some reason i didint think if would going to be happening this time around and that would be ok. But before the band had the chance to take off when we ended the trip of the cruise i got it signed thnx again guys for the time....did get the new Crashdiet -Jack shirt at the second gig at that was all new merch from the boys but got told that more new stuff is to come so thats cool but for now im with on the new off merch so thats good. And new dates for their tour are now been added for brazil so thats cool to ...new stuff will be added on the website and been getting some cool new stuff and have a friend in agerntina that is to go to the gig on the 30th this month and she will try to get flyers, posters and stuff if made so thanx for the help there my friend. New skv clothing items will be aded on there to. And then i did get the chance to get to see other bands like John Corabi, Kingdom Come, Great white , U.D.O. , Roxi77 , M.i.ll.ion , Keel , Pretty Boy Floyd , among others all in all some great trip think that ,that will be the last big bang for me in Rock N Roll for 2010 as i see it. Hope for more rockin trips but money is low for me but we´ll see what time brings !!!! Well hope to be able to bring all you followers out there that are in on my site every now an then more stories to share with you soon !? And im sorry that theres no pixx here but didnt have a cam, with me for this trip so! Till next time ...Dont forget to Sleeze this shkit up..!

Time 4 Horror... In Gothenburg Aug. Friday 13th 2010
Well days gone by since the Helsingborg gig with the Crash gang witch was one of the best ive seen so far and the gig in Gothenburg was on Friday the 13th 2010 witch i would love to have nego to. Deep inside myself didint thought i would be going ...but got help and was then off to Gothenburg for the gig ....Thanx bro love U! When we walked down to the "Rock barran" i did get the glimse of the Crashdiet walking down the street guess that they where on their way to check in at their hotel, didint go up to em but had the feeling i was meeting them later, that night as i more or less do each time so ....And i did. l landed in Gothenburg around 19.30 hours and this time i went by bus from Helsingborg only took 3 hours so sleept for the two of em cause i was on work the night before so was a little tired was gonna meet up with some friends there before the gig so.... we went to this place called the "Rock Barran" where they played rock n roll tunes and the decoration was non cool in my book would have done some way cooler if it was my place ...but hey !! Well time flew by and we went to the stage and went around 10 meters from Mr Martin Sweet side of the stage and right on i saw some black guitarpicks and they must be some new once and they where but sorry to say that i didint get any at the gig. And as a kind of of suprise i met my good friend Dany T. and was able to talk to him and he has gotton some cd with a band that Mr London use to play in and told him to keep his eyes on if he can get me one if he sees it again.

It was a good show and it was for the Gothenburg citry party or something. The show was free and two days before Hardcore had been playing at the big stage in town. They played around an hour the Crash boyz and i did get to meet my new friend Tessie for a breef moment as well and when the gig was over we went to the Sticky fingers cause i was told that the gang would be there after the gig and Tessie texted me and said that she and her friends was there already. Was able to yet again to meet that guys from the support act Casablanca and Adde from the Hardcore superstar at the Sticky Fingers club. And also The guys from Baby Jane was gonna play there so saw them as well and did get to say hallo to Manx of the band and did get to ask if he has gotton his Skv shirt sadly no he hasint so im gonna send him a new one and he asked me if i had a BJ shirt and no dont owe one yet ...someday maybe i will who knows..!
I was standing in the bar and suddently Mr London came up with Eric and Sweet so i went to ask and inform London on some things and asked him if they did have gotten some new guitar pick and he said that yes we do have new once and grapped one from his pocket and gave me so thnx brother and that will be online at the site and shortly after Mr Cruz came up and shaked his hand went he came in.

They were there for a few hours and then the guys came back to say "time to go" cause they had another gig next night so was off to bed i guess. I have now now been getting new offers on new stuff and cant wait to get those safely home brought as well. The next trip is the gig they will do supporting Mr Ozzy Osbourne in Globen, Stkhlm sep. 7th cant wait to see that show and then will meet up with Annika and hopefully also Lisbeth and Felicia cause they are going to that as well. Sat the other day and told myself ive seen Crash 11-12 times on this G.Wild tour when the Ozzy an cruz gig is over and its been 8 times this year alone thats cool so guess that ive soon seen crashdiet 25 times since ive started this crash universe in 2008. Well all in all ive been having a good August apart from the financial side of things - but other than that good. l didint get the chance to bring any digicams for this trip so no pixx with they boyz or anything but hey l have 400 pixx of the boys so far and more will come. Hopefully getting some new once at the Close-Up Cruz in September. Well till next time sinnerz be safe and be good ...C ya ...and dont forget to sleaze this shit up!!?

Well at last its time yet again to go on tour with the swedish sleaze kings from Stockholm Crashdiet.... this time and my first in months was Malmo July 30th 2010 my good and long time friend Mats from Malmoe did get us tickets for the Malmoe gig and we decided to meet up and start out at his house and another friend of mine named Dennis came along to for the Crashdiet show was good to see Dennis again been over a year! We went to the gig and couldint wait to see the boyz again so came there and stole the poster for this gig on our way to the event ...had to have that one too haha!!! And this time it was Simons birthday or had been on Monday 26th so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Simon Cruz and ive brought a little gift for him and Mr London has told me what i liked so thnx bro.. then again brought a wedding pressent for London since he got married to the beautyful Isabel on June 2010 so congrats to the London´s may ya life be filled with lots of joy and happyness for ya !?

Finally Crash went on stage in Malmoe and in the track " G Wild" Simon jumped down to the crowed and to say hallo to the fans and most say that i did not stand in front at that gig keep myself close to the bar stand with my friends and did meet up with Mr Andy Piears from Nasty Idols and met the Crash boys as well. Did bring a few items for myself to get signed this time two posters and a chain reaction started when London saw this huge subway sized japanese promo poster was rolled out did get Freddy their tour manager to help me here ...Martin asked me hows much i paid for this and told him he said ...ya crazy..! so i went to get this few items signed and then i took off and told em that ill see ya in Helsingborg ...cheers dudes! And then we were off to the Spice bar where my good friend Sleezy was a Dj for the night and then i heard that Simon and Eric came by the bar briefly but didint see em there and then when they closed we went by to get some food and then off to the infamous KB to spend some time there and went along with Sleezy, Dennis and a few others and hooked up with Loke from Crazy Lixx was good to see him again.

Around 5 o´clock in the morning me and Dennis went home and got some pizza on the way and i was off to Mats´s place to sleep there and then home to Roskilde next day to work at night. So thanx alot to Mats for letting me sleep there and thanx for the bday pressent dude ...and the support on the skv shirt. well had a good feeling of that i was going to see em live again in a week in Helsingborg....but then again i was sooooo tired and just needed to get the night shift over done with to go home and sleep...
Helsingborg see ya soon....!?

Finally it was the day that ive been waiting for just got home from a Friday night at work and then off to bed for few hours of sleep then up again to go on tour for new location.....Time flied by and soon it was Satuday the 7th of august 2010 and then yet again was time to go back to Sweden for yet again another trip - Crashdiet gig in Sundsparlen, Helsingborg talked to Dennis on the phone and asked if he wanted to go along to another gig and he said yes so we meet up in Helsingborg, and took a cap to the venue and there was a poster that i needed to get and stole it on my way home. Well this time it was an indoor gig and half big place and we came in time for the first band to hit the stage ...Casablanca they fucking had a chick on drums ...was quiet good live. A brand new upcoming band had a chance to speak to em briefly and met up with Andy from C.Lixx and Vic og the HCSS and maight get some new stuff happening there with skv clothing. Well Dennis and i stood up front in Londons side of the stage and man that was an awsome aggresive gig with lots of attitude that ive seen on this tour and this was my 8th gig on the G.Wild tour one of Londons bass strings broke and he keept the spirit high and alive they seemed so much more alive on stage and happy for themselves was soo good to see got myself a pick,set of drumstixx,setlist the new merch ive been missing and get some signed stuff so Mats got ya cd signed and a few other smaller items signed. Met this little dude was high on Crash and gave him one of my promo postcards for the site and he was happy. He is the next generation to rock out.
Well Eric came out and handed me a set of drumstixx after the gig thnx dude.and all the new stuff will be aded soon on the site.

Then it was time to take off so we took a cap to The Tivoli in Helsingborg where there should be an afterparty with the Crash boyz and when we got there Eric was already there and Simon too. But nothing really did came up so the guys left and we me and dennis too a few beers and went to the Helsingborg Center to get something to eat at McDonalds and then i took the boat home to Denmark and was stranded in Helsingør for 45 minutes till the next train was going to CPH Central so was home at 06.30 on Sunday morning and i was busted. Well the next trip is the Crashdiet / Ozzy gig in stockholm on sep. 7th and the cruz gig on the 9th sep. .... but thinking of trying to find out to go to Gothenburg on this comin Friday for the gig Crash plays there. This time for the Helsingborg gig i didint take any pixx have over 400 crash pixx so far and they mostly look the same but sure allways nice to get ya picture taken with em......well hope to bring some more new stuff home soon but the site will be updated with posters, personal, setlists, shirts and this diary well till next time taake care sinnerz... C ya soon.
KISS The Night .... June 20th 2010
Hi evrybody feels like ive been away forever but thought it would be time to write a new one on here and i thought what should i write about well ive been to two events here this month of June first was the Rock The Night @ The Rock in Copenhagen and this time i wasnt just being a costumer as i use to be partying hard with my friends and drink my ass off no this time was a little different cause ive been offered to be there to promote and sell my SKV CLOTHING line for the first time and ive took it ...well i asked the guy who runs the RTN event if it could be possible to do this. He came back to me via Facebook mail and he said yes to let me do this so i went and had 8 shirts and 2 caps of diffrent look so i was the guy with the most merch at this merchstand that there was for 5-8 bands but it all worked out and i had two frinds of mine with me to sell the SKV merch for me one was my personal drawings person Tine and other a former co-worker Henrik and we had to sell merch for ´Crazy Lixx, Tigertailz and a few others. So there was some items to be focused on among money issues but it all worked out fine..!? ive talked to the guy that has the event and he said that i for sure could be back to sell the SKV line again for this RTN event so you can say that ,that is cool for SKV... Lets say that im fucking proud of myself for be where i am today with SKv after i started out in 2009 and im not that much in this clothing buisness as many are but been getting offers and stuff to be sponsor for more rockbands and other things and events but in time bigger stuff will happen thats for sure!?

Ive even talked to Kim from the Tigertailz in the UK and he will be sure to take some pixx of him and the guys wearing the SKV merch so looking forward to get those and the other band that will be sending pixx is swedish band D.S.P. who is the former drummer from 44 Caliber who has some new tracks ready for this summer with a new cd. Pixx will come later of this band and more news from D.S.P. will be in soon !!!! Must say that it was a great night @ the rock got people that came up and asked me of what SKV Clothing was and so i told them the story of why what and where SKV will be going and been getting adwices from a huge rockstar that has givin me the 5 points to follow then im in a good start he says so have some kind of a guideline to go by but many bands have told me that ill have a good thing going here with SKV so as i said im fuckin proud of what it has been getting in responds and other bands and friends that has buying my merch they too are getting responds from other people that thinks its cool what im doing and other bands has been telling bands that they should check out this Danish clothing line course they think its so cool well i can only say that im glad that people really dig the merch!!! THANX TO ALL THATS SUPPORT SKV CLOTHING..

Well days gone by and the big show was to come KISS live in Aalborg June 16th 2010 that was a great gig the best this year and was great to get out and it was my first time in Aalborg ever as far as i know and remember..but all in all was a great trip and we took the airplain from CPH airport to Aalborg Airport witch only took or should have tooked 25 mins but it was delayed 70 min. and from CPH airport but took nearly 2 fuckin hours. went for a pizza and a drink so we did and then took a cab to the venue and stoped briefly for some beers to have at the venue to enjoy before we got let in. The next thing im going to do is the CrashDiet gig in Malmo with my friend Mats he asked me yesterday and he will go get tickets next week so thats safe and ive got the ticket for the Crash/ozzy gig on september 7th in Stockholm cant wait to get to go there to see the guys on the huge stage for the first time!. Otherwise the upcomin week ill be able to upload my site with more new stuff and more will be added soon. You see im waiting for more stuff to come so ...will be back with new diaries when stuff comes up .....! well hope ya enjoy this for now! And be safe out there evryone.
Happy Dave Day May 28th 2010..... June 1st 2010
Well the day came May 27th 2010 for yet anotherRis Fest and this time it was in Uppsala, Sweden the home town of Mr Dave Lepard at Frys Park !!! Came home from work the morning 27th and i had to pack the stuff that i had to bring with me and went to bed around 08.00 in the morning. Had to get up in 3 hours to go to the CPH Airport for flying out to Stkhlm Alanda Airport. And when i landed there i took the buss directly to Uppsala and was meeting up with Katta Lepard but as it slipped my mind forgot to inform her of my arriveing ...Sorry Katta....Well another good friend of mine took her student gratuation that same Thursday the 27th so congrats sweetie! So we cellebrated her with drinks on the boat called SKEPPET a boat down by the canals and must say that it was a cool place and there i meet up with Mr Chris Divine from the band 44 Caliber was cool to meet ya dude for the first time.

This day was somehow special for all CrashDiet fans and for the family cause Mr Dave turned 30 on Friday 28th and SKV CLOTHING did made a Dave tribute birthday shirt for this RIS fest in Uppsala only did 20 of these and here is a pixx of front and backprint... INDSÆT SHIRT HERE....And it can be ordered for 250 sek/ 200 Dkr / 40 usd. incl. shipping ...send me a mail to skvcrue@hotmail.com This trip wasnt that homebringing as many of my other trips has been but Lisbeth Hellman has a few new items for me on layaway and thank you so much Lisbeth. Well this time i didnt know much of the bands playing at the ris but just saw a few of them do to that i had to sell my own SKV shirts witch is good cause i was beat from work so sorry to all if i was a little downer this time but belive me when im back in Uppsala ill be back with a relaxed and ready to go all the way....Thanx to all new friends and the old friends.
Well i was able to sell 12 of the Dave tribute shirts so have a few left and thanx to Lisbeth for the birthday cake at ris it was good ! And when time came to see Chris Laney Mr Zinny Zan came on to play one song acustic before Chris and he told a story bout how he meet Dave for the first time and how dave and Chris got in touch with each other and Dave came up to Zinny one time with a demo and Zinny says that he had a friend so he told Dave to go to Chris and that how they hooked up and how Chris got to produce the first CrashDiet cd " Rest In Sleaze" and thats just to tell ya short of how it all got together. Must say that it was a shame that not that many people showed up for this year but the once that was there was ready to party and Mr Chris Laney did an awsome job he held a speach for Dave and wished him happy bday and brought Lisbeth to the stage and before he turned to the stage i sat down with Chris and we talked breefly and showed him the Dave shirt from SKV CLOTHING and he performed in it and when someone saw it she shouted SKV out loud...Thanx Chris for an good show and for useing the skv shirt that day. Check out his website www.chrislaney.com

I have been talking to Mr Flodiz the other day and they are going to release a 6 track ep cd later this year as i understood it and cant wait to get it and for me this upcomin Friday and Saturday im going to the Rock The Night event @ The Rock in CPh. Cant wait to get there and is pleaced to say that SKV CLOTHING is do to sell our merch line there for the first time so been thinking of how to promote SKV the best way possible at the Rock when im there - hope to get some sells there and its a change to get the name more out and to let people see that we are here to stay! Did have the change to get some pixx of one of Dave´s old used leather jacketts heres a pixx of it... for some reason cant wait to get back to Sweden but there might go a few weeks course CrashDiet aint playing for some time now or shall i say im not going to see em until July so there will be some time for me to come to Sweden but im gonna miss my friends ..see ya soon sinners.Till next time be safe and thanx for all support ...and to Dave HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON MAY 28TH...!


Gothenburg Show May 8th..... 11th May 2010
Well Saturday started out good with a good feeling and this time the trip was off to Gothenburg for the 3rd Crashdiet show this week so left home around 09.35 on Saturday morning and off to Helsingburg for a 3 hour trip by bus to Gothenburg is cheaper than the train and its been a expensive month already...and this was my last Crashdiet gig in this round. Took off from Helsingborg at 12.35 and landed in Gothenburg at 14.55PM and it was a dark an grey rainy weather so i stayed at the Gothenburg Central station for a few hours to grab a bite to eat and few cold drinks that i brought from home pure wather!
And this time no camera due to that my brother and his girl was in Ireland to visit his partner in crime Billy so they had the camera with em but that was ok. This time the support act was non other that my good friends Baby Jane. It was good to see em again and did meet up with em after their gig! Mr. Simon took a stagedive from the stage into the crowed after the gig was done ...that guy is fuckin insane (ment in a good way Simon) he is what CrashDiet was in need for in a singer! At close to 21.00 hours Crashdiet went on stage this was my 7th "G.Wild" show since Simon joined the band so still happy to see em every time and have talked to Fredrik their tour manager about the broken mikestand that Simon used at the release Party in Stockholm at the Seven Sins Hotel on April 9th 2010.

Freddy said that i could get it in Gothenburg so here were were and there I was. I knew that i was getting something home with me and this time something personal ....Thanx for letting me add this to my collection brothers! I managed to get myself the setlist too and there were these two young girls beside me that really wanted the last of Martins guitarpicks 3 in total from the gig and someone that helped set up their gear came and took it and 2 minutes later he came back and gave the pick to me and before the guys came on stage Fredrik came a gave me the setist from the Sockholm Rock Out gig on May 1st 2010 so i got two setlists, 1 pick, the gig poster and the mikestand and a CD from Mr. Freddy Wizzp(Baby Jane)! Thanx Bro. Ive brought my "Generation Wild" cd single in hope of getting it fully signed and I did. Well i bought myself a cold Budweiser beer and went upstairs to the bar and there was Mr.Simon went over and thanked him for the time and bought him a beer. We talked for a miute or so and beside him Mr. Eric was and he said Hey man and then he hugged me and again thanked him to for taking the time to say hallo each time and Mr. London came over and we talked and then the last gang member Mr. Martin Sweet came i wished him Happy birthday that he had on Friday the 7th 2010...HAPPY BDAY brother!

So it soon turned into a CrashDiet afterparty. I also did get to say hallo to and talk to Mr. Hot Rod of Gemini Five was good to see him again and did ask for how Mr. Tin Star was holding up well he is doing ok under the cercumstances that he was forced to not sing for awhile due to vocal problems and its all on hold till they are recording their new album that will be a kind of a best off with some few new tracks and their album "Sex Drugs Anachy" will not be released on vinyl after all!

Been listing to the new Recless Love cd on youtube and its a great album for more info on em go to www.recklesslove.com
Now ive only have the RIS Fest to attend to this month in Uppsala and cant wait to see my German bomb Mrs. Ivi cant wait to meet ya again sweetie!? And again this year SKV CLOTHING has been blessed to do another shirt for the festival and this time a SKV /Dave tribute shirt for his 30th Birthday on May 28th....That will be hitting the printer tomorrow May 11th in hope that it shall be done to bring to the festival in time!! So cant wait to go to Uppsala for the RIS fest there this time and to meet up with Lisbeth, Katta and the rest of the familly i love you all thanx for all ya done for me and Katta thanx for letting me crash at ya place once again! At this afterparty thing @ the Sticky Fingers with the crash boys i got the chance to talk to Kalle the other guy that works for Crashdiet on tour and he told some stories and stuff and he also collects setlists from the gigs like i do and he is pissed at people for just grap stuff from the stage meaning that if you ask nicely he is willing to help folks out but dont piss the crew off they work their ass off for us all so that we the fans can enjoy the band perform and give us a great memoy!

And i must say that im thankful for yet again staying behind for something and Mr. Martin, Kalle and i got ourselves some drinks and beers and had a wonder of a time thanx. Did get to talk to Fredrik tour manager as well and he´ll fix me a certificate for the mikestand.! And out of the blue Mr Martin and Adde from Hardcore SuperStar came up and did get the chance to talk to em and they will also send me their homeadress and willing to help me promote my SKV CLOTHING Line thanx boys.... time went by and i had to go home by nightbus to Helsingborg at 02.55 from Gothenburg. Must say that im begining to become friends with alot of swedish people!? And well it was time for me to leave even if i didnt want to. I had a wonderful time and all my new friends were there but was time to get down to catch the nightbus home to Denmark...that sucks that i had to leave the party....well life is sometime a bitch!!!!!

Well on June 4th & 5th i will be attenting to Rock The Night Fest lll, The Rock, Copenhagen and the line up for bands are:
Friday Saturday
Vains Of Jenna (S/US) H.E.A.T (S)
Zodiac Mindwarp (UK) Tigertailz (UK)
Black Rain (FR) Crazy Lixx (S)
The Scams (S) Steelwing (S)
Mama Kin (S) Panzer Princess (S)
Jennyfer Star & The Cluster Bombs (S)

Go check out the Jennyfer Star new tunes at www.myspace.com/jennyferstarmusic and there is more info there on tour ect.ect.ect Did get the time to catch a bite to eat at a kabab house before it was time to go by the way ha ha ha. Well till next time do take care out there and new shit will be added to the site asap lots of new stuff such as setlists,flyers,tickets, posters, personal, articles and more. Well time is fuckin late here in Denmark so its time to say Goodnight to ya all ...Talk soon to ya all and next diary will be after the RIS fest in Uppsala!?

Gothenburg and Uppsala is next on the Tour.... May 6th 2010
Ohh A few more thoughts. At the Helsingborg gig I did shortly say hi to Simon was a good gig did get the event poster as well for that gig along the setlist as im collecting as you know. Well the day came and me my brother and Annika was going to the SRO but then my brother say you guys go its ok ill just gonna relax here and ya have a great show....little sad he was home and we were out for the second day of fun fun fun ...
Annika thank you for a great time in Sweden this time and to all that we´ve meet well we did saw Chris Laney witch was an ok gig my very first he reconized me right away his also in on the proteing SKV he got the beanie hat. He was joined by Stixx and Zinny Zan from back then Shotgun Massiah and they did perform tree tracks from back then nice move and then we say Nasty Idols they were allready on stage when we got there so meet up with em after the gig
good to u guys again man.

Well it was then time for the band i was here to see again CRASHDIET ,that was something new in the begining of the track "Rebel" Simon droove in on a Harley Davidson right infront of the craud and small fuck ups happened on stage like Simon droped the mike by mistake and jumped down infront of us again and shaked hads with all of us sinners at front row and jumped back up on stage right after and ended the track. all in all a good show and we hung around cause they were comin down to the merch stand to sing some autographs after the gig so didint have anything with me but took my red SKV CLOTHING cap and got that signed and then i bourght the new cd for my friend Don whom also did the Crash band jackkets and solo baseball shirts for the band so hope ya enjoy the tunes when they arrive to ya bro! Well also did get myself a new almost broken drumstick, setlist and Eric sweety towel so more shit to be online soon sinners .......And up next this comin Saturday im taking the buss ride back to Gothenburg this time for another Crashdiet gig at the Sticky Fingers with support band Baby Jane whom also is friends of mine or becoming ....love those fuckers to. So thats gonna be awsome dude and talked to London yesterday and he will bring me the new merch that he has for me to the gig along with the broken mikestand that Simon Cruz used at the release party gig also gonna get that there so even more cool shit to be aded for the corlection.

This time im also going to the Rest In Sleaze Fest on the 28th May witch will be Mr Dave Lepard hellman´s birthday where he turns 30.....Happy b-day brother we at SKV CLOTHING and www.69Queenobscene.dk we love you and may you have piece of mind and lay down in a bed of roses !!! And for that RIS Fest SKV CLOTHING will but out a new Festival shirt as a tribute to Mr Dave and ive talked this over with Lisbeth and she has said yes for us at SKV to do so ,so that will try to be done in time already working on it and have the idea all done so its going to be a black shirt with silver printings and front an back print! and there will not be made many so its only for that day. Tickets are on sale through www.rest-in-sleaze.com so order your ticket there its only 225; sek i think...! So thank you to Lisbeth Hellman for letting me as a huge collector and SKV CLOTHING give our tribute to Dave L. Hellman we lovu this family...i do at least! Will keep your all informed of how the Gothenburg and RIS in Uppsala going when ill be back from those and there are people that i can not wait to see again on this trip and then i guess that ill be going to relax on the Crashdiet gigs for a good month to two months untill they gonna tour again in late July but there will be gigs for me to go rock out at after the RIS one......so see ya out there sinners and saints!

But what it comes down to me in person ...well im doing soooooo good happy to be alive many things has been dealt with and are just now going as they should do so im happy and then there are some things that i can NOT say anything about right now but hope some day to be happy to share with you.! Ill keep ya posted on whats going on in my personal life as and when ill feel its the time to let ya know. And one last thing to end this diary with ...To all the Fucked up mutha fuckers out there stop being an ASSHOlE to others that has treated you so nice....
Some may know whom im talking about ...thats right its YOU THE DUTCH DICKHEAD...SO FUCK YOU !!!!

New Tour Comin Up.... April 26th 2010
Well sinners its a Monday afternoon here in Roskilde just got up from my beauty sleep for the day and have only two fucking days left for this round and then its two weeks of vacation for me cant wait man really need it and im once again going on the well known Crashdiet tour for 3 gigs this time in Sweden and then some more in the months to come so thats good !!!
Just picked up my mail from my postbox and there my good friend Ms. Julia Jones from Trento, ITA has gotten me the flyer, poster, setlist and ticket from the Crash gig on the 18th this month just got that stuff today...Thnx so much sweetie! And as a surprise to us all Lisbreth Hellman is to hold the R:I:S Fest again this summer on Daves birthday May 28th 2010 in Uppsala this time more info on www.rst-in-sleaze.com and tickets are now up for sale and the price are only 225; sek. And as i understood she will have this event every year now but on May 28th ensted of in Feb.!

And the lineup for the gig can also been seen at the site so go check it sinners!
More news and offers are or should i say has come to me and deals that ive said yes to just have to work it out and get the stuff home ....And finally the new tour has started and cant wait to see what they have come up with this time. But they do have about a 90 minutes gig this time around so thats good. There will be happening so much this year in the Crashdiet camp so have to try to follow up on these things that will happen. But must say that im not going to go to some of the new listed gigs around Sweden due to that they are to far away for me and it sad but fuckin true!!!! The swedish sinners Gemini Five are in the studio time these days and they are recording the new cd in Mr Martin Sweet studio - Sweet Studios in Stockholm and the two new tunes ive heard is rockin to the max "If The Good Die Yound a" and the new one " Not For The Innocent" which Mr Simon Cruz has laid hi vocalz down on as backgr. voc on there and you can all listen to it on www.myspace.com/geminifive The news is on their official website www.geminifive.com

And my good friend Mr Don A. from usa and i is working on a new personal 2010 Tour shirt for me to wear at the gigs and hope we can work this out soon and it will be a baseball shirt cant wait to get it done and have a few balls in the air of things i want to get done this year and hope it will be happening. And hope that the new shit will be added here online asap as ill get home from Stockholm witch im leaveing for on this comin Wednesday and be there till Friday when ill have to fly home to Cph and go to Helsingborg to the Crash gig there home to Denmark same nite and then fly to Stockholm on May 1st to see them there at the Stockhol Rock Out Fest. and then im going home to small Denmark on the 2nd of May. And on the 29th this Thursday ill be hanging out with Annika and we have talked about going to Uppsala that day and meet up with Felicia (dave´s sister) Felicia and i have talked about this of a meeting that day to. Well more updates and details will come when ill get home from Stkhlm ...till then ...Be Sleazy!!

New Release by CrashDiet.... April 10th 2010.
Im back from Stockholm that was a fast tip hahaha it started for me on Friday the 9th at 13.40 from Roskilde train station and off to Stockholm to be a part of the CrashDiet release party that they were holding at the Seven Sins. This time i was taking the airplane from Copenhagen airport to stockholm Alanda airport. Around 14.30 i did myself a check in and then through the security check and just straight to my gate sat there for a good one hour and then boarding the plane a good 30 minutes before take off. Landed at Stockholm a good hour later and then i took the airport buss to Stockhlm Central train Station and got there at 18.05 and took a taxi to the venue course i had not been there before at all and when i arrived there was a 2 hours an 30 min. till doors opened up so i went to a McDonalds to get something quick to eat and get indoors cause it had started to rian and when i took of from CPH Airport the sun was shining. Well went back to stand in line but no one was there yet how ever out of the blue my good friend Dany T. showed up so we went inside the little bar and got ourselfs a beer and he just came in from the Sweden Rock Cruz. Well then we drank our beer and we took of to the McD again cause he was hungry.Well came back to the bar and got another beer and then Mr Eric Young came up and said hallo and he went to the bar for some beers and then back down again so a big hallo and a fast one. Couldint wait to hold the new released CD that i could hear the new shit and it was playing now and must say that its a very good album they have here. But i guess thats also what everybody says in the reviews around. It sure has been worth the wait thats all i can say for all that has pre-ordered the cd and then will get it next week when its official release day - on the 14th April 2010. I guess that Mr Danny T is a happy camper he is on the thank you list on the new album way to go dude congrats man well youve been with them since 2005 man so you earned it. The boys did play live too on the release party. Guess its safe to say that was a thrill for us all there and on the smallest stage ive ever seen it was no more that 3 meters wide and 2½ meters deep so wery small but was good to see em again and the played these tunes for us all:
1.Amagedon 2.so Alive 3.G.W. 4.Rebel 5.Chemical 6.Down with the dust 7.Native Nature 8.Bound to fall

It was good to now have heard the new tunes LIVE and they work good all of em. And i must say that one of my favorites on the new is Bound To Fall and Amagedon. I also had the chance to get some new pix taken with the boys one on one and some live and a few when they signed cds, postcards and shirts ...cause the sold the new CD and a brand new shirt so have those covered now too and they will come online within a few days along with this diary. So i guess that i have to try to get the new shit into my ipod before work tonite from 21.00 hours ...im busted. Well in the end of the performance Simon´s mikestand broke in half i asked him if i could get my hands on that He shaked my hand and said its yours bro...so well lets see would be cool to get that in the collection....Well Simon do send me a mail on that ...lol. l did meet some new faces there and some old ......well now we have 20 days till is time to leave for another trip to another memory to the book of Crashdiet memos...next stop is Helsingborg on the 30th of April.

Did also meet Ivi we talked and it was good to see her again and agreed that i will burn all my pix down on a disc for her and she does the same with the once she have from the RIS Fest and now this one. cant wait to get em. And did get my hands on the flyer to the Close-Up Cruise in september ....have a few for sale here well heres a few pix from the releaseparty for you all ...enjoy! When it all ended at 03.00 we all had to leave on the spot so when i got back to the Stockholm Central station out of the blue i saw the poster for the SRO (stockholm rock out) so i took that down to bring home hehehe...But did see a few but they was all fucked up and posters hang over the few others that i saw so only brought onw home ....! Would have taken a few pix of the place from the outside of tonights venue but it was all covered up in construction stuff so not much to see there. I did get the new Close-Up magazine that has a 2 sided article on CrashDiet in it along with the 1 page for the Close -Up Cruise in Sep. so thats ok will be online next week some time and was able to get a guitar pick from London ! Btw London congrats on the upcomin marrige to Isabel ...cant wait to get the invitation in the post...lol wish you the best of luck when this comes to be real ...Love ya bro!? l was invited to an afterparty but had to say no do to that i had a flight to catch at 07.30 from Stockholm to Copenhagen on this grey rainy morning in stkhlm. Was and is happy to be home savely again and went stright to bed after i took my glas of milk when l got home and slept till around 4PM but am still tired so im just gonna take it slowly at work tonite man...NO FUCKIN RUSH! Just got offered and new very nice item but not gonna tell what it is yet ....l keep ya posted on it !! Well till next time take care sinners and to the CrashDiet gang ill be seeing ya all in Helsingborg on the April 30th!!!


"Generation Wild" Release Party in Stkhlm April 9th 2010
Hallo all sinners and saints out there hope all is doing good ...well im doing good but in other ways not so good well the latest news i saw on the www.crashdiet.org was that they are holding their release party for the upcomin album "Generation Wild" in Stockholm on this upcomin Friday at 22.00 at the new rock club. And for me - ive been to a few of these release parties with other bands but been long time since. But always wanted to do it for the band that has my biggest interest and passion and they held one also for their new single "G.Wild" earlier this year. I am proud to say that im going to this release party this upcomin Friday and cant wait to be there and hopefally meet them once again and hopefally to bring something home something cool.
Otherwise just been working this eastern holiday and fuck these has been some fucking hard days glad that these are done and my body has now time to rest and finially off on Wednesday and Thursday so lookin forward to that. First i was ment to go to the release party in malmo for Crazy Lixx also on the 9th this month and just told Luke the bassplayer of C.Lixx that i might end up going to the Crashdiet one instead and he also saw that they are helding one same day....! Well hope to catch the Lixx live some other day then. And ive heard that crashdiet´s Simon Cruz was at the C.Lixx party in Stockholm when they helt theirs in March well i didnt knew that so....sad to say that i missed that one and must say hat alot is happening in the crashdiet camp these days just booked gig at a Rock Hard Festival in germany. But im not going to that done have the money for that gig ... looking forward to be getting sunny days and warmth been a very long winter this year so cant wait to reget some new energi from the sun and having 2 weeks holiday comin just around the corner and must say that im having 3 crashdiet gigs in my holidayto look forward to cant wait and they are all in sweden so going to sweden alot the upcomin month from now so good to get away from job denmark and all the same folks.!
You can get the new cd signed at the release party well thats how i see it and they will play live and my sister inlaw has said that i can borrow her camera for this so im gonna shoot alot of pix at this event and cant wait to get the new cd and one thing ive told myself is that as long as im highly into these four fuckers i want all the studio albums fully signed and so far ive got the first two that way. just cant wait to hear the new tunes one track that should have been on the rec is the b-side "fear Control" just love that track...but there still some cool tracks on the cd but only heard few notes on em from the samples that they have put up on www.youtube.com JJ hope ya got my message and is able to get hold of the ticketsfor the April 18th gig in ITA and all is gonna work out and im gonna give Eris Young a call to remind him of the meet n greet with you ....And again if you are FRIENDS with any of the bandmates on facebook they are NOT THE REAL PERSONS BEHIND THE PROFILE ....THEY ARE FAKE !!!!!!!!!!! just so that ya dontexspect the real guy to be there me im a friend with Martin Sweet and as Crashdiet has said on their facebook profile if your friends......THEY FAKE so there you go my sinners. lm gonna leave on friday around 16.30 from CPH Airport to fly to Stkholm Airport cant wait to go and thanx to my bro Tommy Lee for helping me get hold of tixx for this trip as to my surprice he is going with me to see Crashdiet in gothenburg on May 8th at the sticky fingers and they have Babe Jane as a support act cool they are some of my other good friends that im begun to build a freindship with...cant wait to see those fuckers to live..!! Leave more after this trip and ill return home safely on the Saturday 10th. till ill see ya all out there sinners till then....Be save my little one´s !!

New Deals In Stall..... March 20th 2010.
Its Saturday morning time is 06:06 and just got home from work and now its two days off thank god ......have a few things to take care of today and then friends are comin by around 18:00 hours and then we gonna have a rocking evening with good music ,beers and girls..girls..girls and im gonna cook for em so we gonna have a blast tonite and still have Sunday to rest in so thats ok. Well just got offered some new shit from the crash camp so cant wait to get that deal fixed and also new shit has happened in the skv clothing line. I just got my SKV logo on staff clothing in a local bar here in Roskilde for a year so thats cool and here on the 31st ill have this Dj party to attent to to promote my SKV Clothing so looking forward to do that and my us friends Sins Of America has offered me to take my merch to sell on their us tour 2010 so hope something good turns out from all of these things and gonna get 6 -8 new shirts out here in March - April and 3 baseball caps in 3 diffrent coulors so .... And my brother has said that i should try to get some rock n roll jackets made with my own patches on there and he gave some cool ideas I guess that that will be done in time cost a little but fuck what an idea. Sitting here listen to the good old Cinderella track "Shake Me" ...fuck thats 14 years old where the fuck did the time go??????? Otherwise in the SkV Clothing line some cool things are happening as i said in the beginning of this diary. These are the bands and artists that has gotton SKV merch and is helping me promote it ...from left to right - so to speak!! ... 1. Steevie Jaimz 2. Sins Of America 3. Rob Lane (Teenage Caskett Company) 4. Luke Rivano (Crazy Lixx) 5. Andy Pierce (Nasty Idols) 6. Celina Ree 7. Dirty Penny 8. Fredz Crimson (Raw Diamond) 9. Freddie Wizzp (Baby Jane) 10. Tin Star (Gemini Five) 11. Hot Rod (Gemini Five)
12. CrashDiet 13. Sleezy Demand (Stripped)
Well just got my hands on the tickets for the forthcomin Crashdiet shows and they are ...gonna order the two Finland gigs on Monday so can not wait to see them again and hope that i can go to Finland ...i have the KISS gig in Aalborg on the 16th of June but hope that it all will go smoothly. Sadly they did have to put the last Finland gigs on hold do to the delay of the recording the new cd "G.W". These days they are rehearsing for the tour talked to Mr Eric Young the other day on the phone and he told me that they are fit for fight on tour and rehearsing for the new tour so good luck guys on the new tour can not wait to see what they come up with this time. My shows to come (so fr), 30/04 The Tivoli, Helsingborg [SWE],
01/05 Stockholm Rockout, Alvik [SWE], 08/05 Sticky fingers, Gothenburg [SWE], 17/06 On the Rocks, Helsinki [FIN], 18/06 Klubi, Tempere [FIN]
And is working on getting ex Crashdiet voc. Olli in on the thing to so we´ll see what happens there. Well i have finally cought up with the official Crashdiet merch and now trying to get the loose ends ive got in motion so that everything is set and done but it will course im a lucky guy they say. Its time for me again to clean the house so have to get some sleep before all hells break loose later on today. A few days ago i was talking to my good friend Fredz Crimson of Raw Diamond and they have sadly part ways from their guitarrist Joey and they have parted ways as friends from what i hear i wish them both all the best in luck of hooking themself up with new blood. Raw Diamond has found a new guy but has not revealed his identety yet so we all love to see this fucker soon ....Lol well i know who he is but CAN NOT say !!! Well to all the lovers and sinners of out there till next time be safe and be good to yaself and each other ...... Sleaze this shit up..!?
All Or Nothing...... March 9th 2010
Its been awhile since i wrote anything in here about a month and sorry for that my friends ...guess many of you has been wonderring why! Ill tell you why the reason is that ive been working on deals for my clothing line and waiting for answers for things that has to do with my Skv Clothing line. Many things has been offered to me from bands from Sweden, England, Usa that now are as they say final so things are just gonna be worked into place so to speak and my new good freinds from the USA, Sins Of America has offered me that they are willing to get some skv merch over and try to sell it on their tour so that will be something ill try to get done and 80´s rocker Mr. Steevi Jaimz is also now in the skv sposor camp and must say that im honered to even working with him now...so thanx Steevi. Also now are bands like Sleezy Demand / Stripped, Raw Diamond, Luke Rivano/Crazy Lixx, Andy Pierce/Nasty Idols, Crashdiet, Sins Of America, Rob Lane/Teenage Casket Company / BulleyBoys, are out there helping me promoting Skv Clothing incl. more bands and artists so thanx to all their help on this.

Whats new in the crash camp well tour dates has been popping up like crazy on their website in Italy, Sweden, Norway and would love to go to em all but money wise NOT GONNA HAPPEN. But im going to the Stockholm Rock Out festival so just ordered the train ticket for that and sadly they gonna play The Tivoli in Helsingborg, Sweden on the 30th April thats the day the SRO fest is on but i will try to get that Tivoli covered dont know how but will work it out somehow. And just ordered the last of their new 2010 merch that i missed at the Rest In Sleaze fest in feb. London helped me save it and just wired him the money for it and just did the same to Eric for the drumkit i bought from him after the New Years gig in Denmark 2009/2010. And when im going to the SRO fest in end of April im gonna try to go visit my new friend Felicia from Uppsala and again go see Daves grave now that im there ...so hope to see you there Felicia my dear...miss ya company you crazy chick.!

Have a friend on facebook named JJ aka Julia Jones and been trying to fix her a meet n greet with Eric Young when the gang goes to Italy on the 18th witch is the gig JJ is going to well think that the meeting is set up course Eric said yes to meet up with her there...so congrats JJ enjoy the show sorry i cant be there this time around. Otherwise just got told from a friend of mine in sweden that Crashdiet just held their release party in Stockholm about a week ago well didint know Damn i would have been there if i knew of this...just hope the boys will be taking the world by storm with the new guy Mr Simon Cruz good luck boys. This gang that they are now are hopefully forever and no more change of line up cause i think the boys has been through enough changes to date and its not a downer on the band at all but they really need to bring the name Crashdiet back for good ...Its all or nothing this time but i think they will kick ass with this new fucker in the band who fits in so well with the other three guys ...Love U All ! Cant wait to see you all on tour out there and hope to bring home many more new good memorys to my diary here. To all fans out there be careful on facebook there is one person out there that has this profile of Mr Martin Sweet it is NOT him behind it as Crashdiet has said on their facebook profile NON of the members has their own profile out there on facebook so if any is friends with members of Crash on there they are FAKE!!!!

Well otherwise new shit will be added to my website 69queen... soon and my skv webstore will be comin soon so the link skv clothing on my crash website will be deleated from there as soon as the store is up and runnin but more detailz will come on that soon. Now im looking forward to get the new cd from Crashdiet next month and then go on tour with em after that so...And to Jacob Muller dude you gotta get ya shit together and soon go see the band you love so much...some day ya will i guess!? Well its fucking late here in Roskilde and ill have to get up early have booked time for doing my laundry at 07.00 ...holy fuck its not normal for us creatures of the night. But till next time please take care and be safe to yourself and to everybody else out there. And to Crash see ya soon guys .........Much Love

In Honour Of Dave Lepard ..... feb. 8th 2010
Im back home again on Danish soil once again from another swedish trip that this time was for yet again a new Crashdiet concert in Stockholm for the 2010 an 4th Rest In Sleaze Festival. It was Friday morning at 05.00 and my damn alarmclock rang and it was time to get out of my very nice warm bed covers. I did not feel ready to do this too early but some voice said to me its for the Crashdiet gig and other good things in the wait so - I stumbled out of bed for this new trip that i was going to be on. My brother followed me to the airport to send me save ahead and off i go him home to sleep some more wish it was me. Then time to board to plane from Copenhagen airport and up to the skys among the starts where they are after they sadly leaves us down at the ground. Must say that couldnt belive that it was that fun to fly high it must have been at least 25 to 30 years since ive last been on plane to somewhere....!

The time was 08.45 when the plane took of to Stockholm and it only took an hour to be in Sweden so landed at around 10.00 short but a nice trip. I was so damn tired that i slept the most of the way on the plane and when i landed i had to take a bus ride from the airport to Stockholm central station so thats what i did that costs 119 sek one way and when i landed at the station i had to wait for a guy named Dallas due to that ive just said yes to a deal that included the guitar that Mr. Martin Sweet has used in the Crashdiet video "Riot In Evryone" man first the drumkit now this does it ever stop ....guess only if you yourself wants it to but these are really big items to have in the crashdiet universe and especially the old 2004-2006 where Mr. Dave Lepard was apart of the gang. This friday was for me some kind of a special day as to that Dave´s old girlfriend Katta was comin to pick me up at Uppsala station and she was 30 min late ...damn that....(ill forgive you sweetie) well she came and the first stop we did was for me to see Dave´s grave. When we arrived there i felt a little sad to see this with my own eyes even though ive never meet the guy ever but did take a few pictures of the grave and a few of the stone that his mom Lisbeth did the design for witch was simple but nice.... I promised Lisbeth to bring some flowers for the grave so Katta and i went to the Bellis Flowershop in Uppsala to buy some flowers an candels for the grave and i two small flowers in the coulor blue as Lisbeth told me that that was one of Daves favorite colours so we went back to light the candels and i put down the flowers. Me i just planted the flowers just purely out of respect for the man and for the familly that so far has done so much for me as a collector.

Up next she took me to the place where they actully recorded the "Riot...." video but it was locked and they have repainted the place so i really couldnt see where they really recorded the video. They had closed it and was now a kind of some small junkfood bars an stuff not much to see now but ive now seen the building where they did it. And when we went for the place where Katta and Dave use to live we drove by a small kiosk where she told me that that was where they use to pick up some late night snacks once in awhile. And then she drove me to their old home adress where they use to live witch was apartment 20 at the first floor seemed like a small place and there was a room in that apartment where Dave wrote most of his lyrics and music day and/or nights when he couldnt sleep. She even told me some personal stories that i wont come in on here as out of respect for her and the rest of the Lepard familly. But some of em really was a little scary but really glad and greatful that she was so open to tell all these things that she did. And i did tell Katta that if she started to fell sad and not able to do this it was alright. She did not feel sad to show me around the place and even though it has been some years since she last was there im glad i had this change and as she said i was the first that she ever had taken there so i was honoured to see and hear these stories.

After a trip round these places we took off and drove out to lisbeths place at their private home witch was a very old house close to 100 years Lisbeth told me wasnt big but nice and we stayed there for dinner and got some beers over the night and Lisbeth picked out some old cds of daves that she did play for me along with some old Warpath demos cd that she gave me after we have listen to it. Among that she played some cd with alot of diffrent tracks that dave even sang on or played guitar on and that too she gave me. We even or i even got the chance to see the show from kaffe 44 club in 2004 witch she also gave and these was for private use ONLY so can NOT trade or sell copies sorry - gave my word on this. Sorry guys. Lisbeth i have now hung the Dave painting ya gave me as a gift on my wall so thank you for all you are a darling! She even showed me Daves old silver guitar and his old gold record for the sold of 10.000 sold of the "Breakin The Chainz" single was to obsessed to take picks hope to get a second change to come vicit them and get a picture taken with the rec award and the guitar someday. Did also see alot of other cool things that i could go on an on with but dont have time for. She also told me alot of stories of whom Dave was.!

Well time went by and it was time to go for Katta and i. I was gonna sleep at her place this evening till on Saturday when we came home she made us a cup of tea and she showed me the stuff that she had of CDs and that ..she did had some cool items among the Original "7 vinyl single that the rest was be pressed from and she gave me the cd single to " Miracle" i only had the promo one have both now.. The next morning we were going on to the R.I.S. fest and we meet up with Daves sisters Felicia and one other of her friends and we split when we reached the train central station cause i had to go check in at my hotel where i was going to spend the next two nights all by myself. It was at the City Hostel in Flemminggatan and Katta did know where that was but they took of to the Charles Dickins bar for some beers and i was going to meet up with them all after ive checked in.

So i took my shit and hit a cab and of to Charles place we had some few beers before getting to the venue and i was supposed to meet up with a friend of my brothers a girl named Annika shes a Crue head so this was her first Crash gig ever and she seemed to dig it and took some pics that im going to get on a cd and she even got herself some crash guitar picks ...lucky bitch! Well i was supposed to get in with Katta an them but ended up getting let in by the voc/guitar player from Raw Diamond Fredz Crimson and he had my armband ticket ready and i gave him and the other guitarplayer a skv tank top witch one of em performed in it and you can go www.youtube.com and seek under raw Diamond liveclip from the ris fest 06-02-2010 there you will see the proof! That was fuckin awsome for a little snotnosed kid like me to see and Raw Diamond did win the "scoulorship" this year and there was taken some pics with him wearing my skv tanktop..Cool! Was originally also to meet up with another guy from BulletTrain but we missed out so ...he had a Crash cd demo for me so ill guess that that will be in the post someday. Well when everything was going on one guy that ive havent seen for 15 months Mr. Hot Rod from Gemini Five man that was good to see him and he even remembered me. They are in the studio rec. new songs in the Sweet studios these days. Go to their website www.geminifive.com there you can hear the new track "If the Good Die Young" which i like has a good beat to it good work guys.

Well for the first time i met Mr. Martin Sweets mother she and her husbond was going to film the Crash show along with Dany Thunder so that was very nice to meet her forgot to ask her for a pic together with me guess i was to caught up in this trip forgot to take alot more pictures than i did...Fuck! Did ran into some from the summer RIS Fest that also did remember me from that i guess that my buisness cards and postcards has done some wonders there. This time i had the Crashdiet band jackets with me for the band and London and Martin told me that the guy that has done this for me the pics can not go up on the website so sorry Don has something to do with their management an all but hope ya respect this but did get a few pics taken for ya with the hold band wearing them ill send em to ya in a mail but DONT list on the facebook at all but for private use only... And did get Martin to sign the old guitar of his as well and when i was standing there to wait for the guys to come out from the backstage area Felicia came and said "what are you standing there for?" and she brought me backstage to meet the fuckers...Guess i got lucky again ...Thanx Felicia youre too kind. Did get ya email from your mom so ill be sending you an email one of these days.

Crashdiet played the entire album "Rest In Sleaze" from top to bottom just to honour Dave Lepard and then ended off with their new track and single "Generation Wild" and yet once more got my setlist from this show ...nice man and also was able to get the setlist from Raw Diamond cause they did play Crashdiet´s "Riot..." so had to have that one as well...i know its sick well its uncurrable sorry. The crash gig started of with some live pics on a big screen of Dave down memory lane which brought tears to some of the family members. Dave was in his own way a good hearted guy and helped out his friends and for that i guess that thats why he is so big an influence to many swedish bands and fans around the globe but dont think that that many fans really knew what was going on in Daves life when he was among us. The band had never done the entire Rest CD live as far as i know and dont think they ever will do that again so for those who werent there ...You fucking missed out fuckers!

Well the boys got their jackets and Eric had the set of drumsticks for me from the Copenhagen gig and from this RIS gig and got them there backstage and got the changce to speak to Rod from G5 again and bout the new record cant wait to get it. Whom was by the way very interested in getting one of these jackets maybe for him and G5 dont know but Rod did dig the once that i gave the Crash boys. Did also get a new couple of friends from this trip among the Tour manager of Scene D Chryme she was very nice witch i shared a room with at the hostel..!! Before she checked out she was nice enough to give me the bands CD ep Thanks so much. I did get the chance to cover all the RIS Fest merch that Lisbeth did this time around but fuckin hell Crashdiet has done a re-print of the old "Wonna riot" shirt in white and a new grey one which i think is the coolest shirt they ever done but didnt get those as i didnt have enough cash with me so im gonna mail London to save em for me. So all in all this was one hell of a givin weekend for me did get alot of gifts so thanx to everybody for that. I followed Lisbeth and her family to their cars for my bag of ris merch so said goodbuy there and gave her a hug and thanked her. Hope to see her soon and hope you guys are gonna have a great trip to New York next week be safe. Well time for the Crash gang to leave the club Eric asked if they should call me a cab but did say no so gave em all a hug and Simon asked me if i was comin to Greece in april to see em hope im able to so told em that that was my plan but we will see. I was able to rip down their doorsign to their dressing room before i left the venue.

Guess the next big thing for the Crash fans out there will be in the next issue of Sweden Rock Magazine where there will be a huge repport on em and the new digipack single for the tittle track "Generation Wild" and that is ONLY if ya have a subscription to the magazine which i have not shit but Dany my man has said that he will keep his eyes upen for a cd for me. Hope to get it somehow!! But was good to see all the older faces again such as Patrik from Finland, Dany T. Hot Rod and all the others plus some new friends C ya all very soon man !!!! Sleaze it up fuckers and ........ Dave Lepard may you still go strong in our hearts and memorys and R.I.P..... You Are an Will be missed FOREVER! Much Love

Leaving for Stockholm..... Feb. 3rd 2010
Its closing in on that time again for me. Leaving Danishsoil for this time yet again go to Sweden and this time its Stockholm calling to be a part of the 4th year of the "Rest In Sleaze" Festival and the 2nd for me. I cant wait to go course for me its more that just the festival itself. Im gonna start off on a early Friday morning up around 05.00-05.30 to go to the Copenhagen Airport - yeah this time im flying to Sweden and i am gonna spend 3 days in Sweden this time and cant wait for that. But thats not all on Friday the 5th im gonna spend the day in Uppsala where Dave lived his life with his familly and longtime girlfriend Katta. I am going to visit Daves grave this time now been talking bout this for a year or two now so this time its going to happen and then im gonna see some more sights where the band started out (Crashdiet) and where he used to live and much more. Then ive been invited to visit Dave´s mom (our rock mom )Lisbeth and i hope that she is willing to tell me some stories from Daves childhood and when an how he got into this rock n roll life that he lived for so short of a time ....!

I am gonna arrive in Stockholm airport around 10.00 and then im off to Uppsala to spend the day there. It will be very exiting course this is not just the Crashdiet gig. And off to the hotel and then home the next day. This time its a 3 day thing but its nice and relaxing trip. And im as ya might kknow selling my own clothing line Skv Clothing and tomorrow im going to pick up Skv Clothing 1st festival shirt cant wait to see how its turned out and gonna start packing tonite for the trip and find things to bring there. Sitting here on my coutch listening to a UK band that ive got to know called Teenage Casket Co. the bass player was kind enough to send me a CD and he sent me some cd´s tshirt and some guitarpicks and more so thanx Rob Lane. I like the stuff. Go check em out at www.teenagecasketcompany.com Its a pop-rock band but ok i like em. Well this time around i hope that im not missing out a huge amount of cash for the official RIS merch but hope that it can be covered for 1300 sek but lets see when ill get there.

The line up for this years ris fest i do not known any of the bands besides Crashdiet but do know members from Raw Diamond and BulletTrain witch im going to meet up with before they go on stage just to say hallo and stuff. And then ive been hearing that Crashdiet will be playing the entire Rest album thats a treat for fans and then some new friends to meet up with for the first time and some i have known for some time and you know who u are man. Then its again time to meet up with the Crash gang as i have some christmas presents for em that was unable to arrive in time for the new years gig in Copenhagen. So i hope that they will like these gifts. And im going to try to get a new drawing ready for a new skv shirt tonite too but will see im a little tired. Well just hope that this trip will bring me even more memories and pleasures as it will be a hard month and hard time to come so for a while financially so it would make a good little positive touch to a hard time. When i get home i will put up a new diary from the trip so keep lookin in but it will not be posted until end of next week as im not comin home untill on Monday afternoon. Cant wait to see witch songs Crashdiet are playing for the set they will present for the fans. Hope for the new single and "So Alive". Besides all this ive been again offered some cool collectors items that will be so cool to have but it costs alot of cash and thats not good at this time around so. But hey man wake up asshole you just got Eric Young´s fuckin complete red drumkit". Well looking forward to another weekend of rock n roll and good friends... C ya soon fuckers!?
Sleaze it up!